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Thursday Behind The Scenes at It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Plus Aniya Wolf on Set

Teen Aniya Wolf, who got kicked out of prom for wearing tuxedo was on set of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Thursday. Plus shots from the set from their Old City shoot. Spoiler shots and stories ahead…


 Aniya WolfAs I wrote yesterday It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia filmed in Old City on Thursday. I finished my work and got there about 1030AM, they were just finishing up a scene where Charlie, Dennis and Mac’s counter parts try and push over a jeep. The shots I missed earlier were the actors doing the same thing.


 Aniya Wolf



Then the crew headed to Franklin Fountain (116 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106) to shoot scenes where Cricket (David Hornsby) steals candy from a candy machine and a vagrant runs after him,


 Aniya Wolf

running by this lady Aniya Wolf

causing her to fall

 Aniya Wolf

 Aniya Wolf

they filmed several scenarios of this scene Aniya Wolf

beforehand with the stunts.

 Aniya Wolf

When they did the filming with the guy running,

 Aniya Wolf

 they took the pads away.

 Aniya Wolf

Hey Aniya Wolf, on left…

 Aniya Wolf

Rob McElhenney (Mac)  and Aniya Wolf chat. Extras are behind them. In the scene above, Aniya Wolf goes over and helps the senior citizen up after she falls. ( Aniya Wolf is theBishop McDevitt girl thrown out of prom for wearing a suit Rob saw the article and offered her a chance to be in a segment of IASIP)

 Aniya Wolf

The scene went well, Rob and Aniya hi-fived and the cast and crew applauded.



 Aniya Wolf

Check out Glenn Howerton’s bodyguard, gigantic

 Aniya Wolf

The tent on the right had AC blowing into it in case the actors got too hot Aniya Wolf

Speaking of hot, hey hot crowd control guy

 Aniya Wolf

Charlie Day recognized me from the other day and said hi. After the scenes were finished everyone headed for lunch.

 Aniya Wolf

But before that happened Rob  Aniya Wolf

 Aniya Wolf

And Cricket (David Hornsby ) posed with fans. Aniya Wolf

 Aniya Wolf

David Hornsby plays Matthew ‘Rickety Cricket’ Mara, here he and with Rob McElhenney walking to lunch at Mac’s Tavern at 226 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Tonight Cricket will be running through the City Hall Fountains as well as the Logan Square Fountain.

Today I’ll be at 10th and Market checking out filming there, then in the Gayborhood. It was great seeing all the readers and followers of PhillyChitChat. Come say hi. Thanks and have a safe, great weekend. Next week we’ll catch up on Jack Daniels, Behind the Scenes at the USO Fashion Show and all the great July 4th happenings. Also don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat (where I give you scoop and tidbits), Instagram and Twitter. Also FB Page – All under the name of PhillyChitChat. Chow.



TV PILOT TO FILM IN PHILADELPHIA – Photos of the Actors Who Will Be Roaming Our Streets

Viola Davis, two-time Academy Award nominee (The Help, Doubt) will star in ABC’s Shonda Rhime and Betsy Beers (Shondaland producers and the powerhouses behind Grey’s Anatomy & Scandal) new TV series “How To Get Away With Murder”. Viola is no stranger to the Philadelphia area as she starred in “Law Abiding Citizen” with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx a few years ago and walked the red carpet when it screened here.

Described as a “sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller,” Murder
centers on ambitious law students and their brilliant and mysterious
criminal defense professor (Davis) who becomes entangled in a murder
plot that could rock their entire university and change the course of
their lives.

YEAH, the drama will film in set and filmed in Philadelphia and will also features

Ohhhh maybe we’ll see him at the Sporting Club.

 Matt McGorry 

Aja Naomi King,

He was in Harry Potter too

Alfie Enoch,  

Karla Souza,  

Jack Falahee and  

Charlie Weber. This is Davis’ return to television as she was previously featured on Showtime’s United States of Tara, NBC’s Law & Order: SVU and City of Angels but this will her first full-time role in a television series. One can only imagine that How To Get Way With Murder may be paired with Shondaland’s hit drama, Scandal in ABC’s lineup. Let’s hope the Shondaland magic happens and this show gets picked up for a regular series, and succeeds.

For more info check out: Molly Eichel, The Source, Vibe and The Hollywood Reporter report


The best part about this show filming here, it’s set in Philly and they’re looking for lots of Philly actors. 

Heery Casting is still casting this TV show:

Feature Film and TV Background neededWe
are looking for SAG-AFTRA and non-union background talent for a feature
film and a new ABC TV Pilot that will be shooting in the Philadelphia

Needed are men and women, age 18-70, all ethnicities. Shooting will begin February 18, 2014 and continue through April.

All Positions are PAID.

Please email: heery2014@gmail.com

Please include in the body of the email:




-all clothing sizes

-Phone numbers

– make and model of your car, if you have one

-2 photos: A close-up & A full body (in .jpg format) taken within the last 3 months NO HEAD SHOTS!

-SAG-AFTRA status & SAG-AFTRA membership number (If applicable)

If you are unsure of your union status, please contact the SAG-AFTRA office.

Reminder: this shoots in the PHILADELPHIA AREA- all talent are “local Hire” for this job.