#KnockKnockLive Brings Cheetah’s Adrienne Bailon and ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Posey to Philly

Last night I got a tip that there was something filming in the Francisville section of Fairmount.

 I went over and checked it out, I saw they lit up the street, but didn’t see a camera crew.
 I checked out this notification and it said that the Dick Clarke Production Company was filming on this block, and basically this sign said if you’re on this street you are giving your consent to be on TV. 
I ran into a couple neighbors and a production guy who filled me in that this was the new TV Show on Fox called Knock Knock Live and it was happening right now at 9:15PM

   The premise is a celebrity will knock on your door and award you prize money to make your life easier or for you to succeed in your dreams. Last night Adrienne Bailon (Cheetah Girls and The Talk) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf)

surprised Rashuan Williams, a community activist, with

 $25,000 to renovate his home, and another $25,000 to help him with his community work. They found him because one of his mentor’s nominated him. The crew knocked on his door about 9PM then filmed his surprise live on TV.  

His mentor was in LA with  Ryan Seacrest the host of the show, who explained why Rashuan was deserving of the acknowledgement.

Here’s RashuanWilliams being interviewed by Fox 29 on his new found fortune.

 Then Adrienne Bailon and Tyler Posey went down the street to “surprise” two more neighbors with neighbors in tow, it’s TV some of the neighbors in tow were “actors” hired to make sure there was a nice, obedient crowd, meaning no yahoos trying to get on TV or manhandling the co-hosts. You want a crowd, it’s a nice touch.

 Adrienne Bailon and Tyler Posey went to each of the doors and had the neighbors open the gold suitcase, see the gold suitcase. They had to choose from two foreign currencies, Katzastan and Costa Rica to see their prize money.

 Here’s the filming in the Kleppel house. It was great when the real neighbors started to gather and were excited this was happening in the neighborhood. It was so fun when the guys saw Adrienne, they were so excited.
Jarrett and Hillary Kleppel picked Kazakhstan currency which was $1800. Rashuan was nominated by a friend and the folks at Knock Knock Live felt he was deserving. Then a week ago the producers walked up and down the street vetting others to see who might need some extra cash. They asked a few questions then made sure it was ok to film inside your house. They told the Kleppel’s they needed to be home between 9 & 10PM but nothing else and they didn’t know what time they’d be knocking on the door. I had no idea what was going on and you’ll see in my instagram video cause the crew knocked on the door next to where I was standing. I had a little cameo I imagine.

A video posted by Philly ChitChat (@phillychitchat) on Jul 28, 2015 at 6:49pm PDT

 The family up the street picked Costa Rica currency and that equaled $5,000

 At the end of the show the actors and the neighbors gathered in the street and cheered. I wish I had taped the show I would have loved to check it out. Next week.

 When the show went off the air Adrienne Bailon posed with the fans
for about 10 minutes.

Read more about Rashaun here and check out the video below for his surprise

How you can be on Knock Knock Live, apply or nominated someone.