Unicorn Grandma Hugs Her Grandkids after 3 Months

On Saturday I received an email from my friend David Perchica (l in photo) who told me about his friend who hadn’t hugged her grandkids in 3 months since Covid19 Pandemic began. She thought of many different scenarios including creating a body suit, using trash bags or a jumpsuit and none of them seemed practical. Then she spotted a unicorn costume on Amazon.

So we headed to the grand kids house who only live a mile away (PS This is a new instagram name. I’ll still use PhillyChitChat, but this one I’ll tell more behind the scenes stuff, share different photos, promote food I eat and monitor people I’ll use in my columns)

Unicorn Grandmom goes in for the hug
Grandmom Maureen Sweeney, Cinnaminson , NJ greets her grandsons Rylan (r) And Lincoln (l)

The family reunited except for grandpop who is next to me with wearing his mask. Next week he hopes his shark costume comes in so he can join in the fun. Thanks to CBSPhilly and Fox29 for running the story as well. So adorable. Glad I could be there to capture it.