Solomons in Paradise – The Anguilla Trip

I’m back from the #SolomonsinParadise renewing of vows. What a great trip. The ceremony was moving and the company was spectacular. I’m thinking these destination weddings are really something special. You get to hang out with your friends, bond with acquaintances and make new friends on these jaunts. Fun.



The Port. Anguilla basically has one road that goes North and South, and then little roads jutting off, some paved some not.


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My hotel in Anguilla – La Vue

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The view from La Vue is AMAZING

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In the distance is several islands you can boat out to and have lunch

_DSC0657 (Custom)
Two ships left abandoned after a hurricane in 1995

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The first night we went to this delicious eatery, I forget the name

_DSC0727 (Custom)
but it was memorable


St. Gregory’s , the only Catholic Church on the British controlled island with 37 churches_DSC0696 (Custom)

The smaller one above was the original church, the larger one was built in 2008.
There are no windows, just brick and screens on the right side allow light in and ventilate the church.
The opening door on the right next to the Alter is the Saint Mother Theresa Chapel

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We got lost driving, and I took this photoAnguilla

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_DSC0821 (Custom)

The Anguilla’s don’t walk side by side in the road


The Wedding at Mango’s_DSC0839 (Custom)

Congrats Evan and Lynsie Solomon, renewing their vows with Eric Allen Smith, the internet preacher._DSC0915 (Custom)

Lynsie is in a Bedazzled gown._DSC0923 (Custom)

A lot of love flew to be by their sidesAnguilla

and a few locals, as they live in Anguilla nearly half the year._DSC0969 (Custom)

Super dooper cute little boutique Limin‘. The couple that own it are from Buck’s County and spend 9 months out of the year in Anguilla.

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All those bags are made out of former sails from the competition boats that compete in the annual Anguilla race.
You can pick them up at Limin’_DSC0996 (Custom)
Dinner at Smokey’s on the beach with these peeps._DSC1004 (Custom)

We rented our car from Junie’s – Highly recommended. They have someone at the port to meet you.
$45 a day
$20 insurance for the entire trip
$25 for an Anguilla Drivers License
The hardest part, you drive on opposite side of road. 3-1-2017 8-32-17 AM (Custom)

The Four Seasons Sunset at the Infinity Pool is amazing.
The Four Seasons is amazing.

3-1-2017 11-53-22 AM (Custom)
When I die scatter my ashes here, I want to be on a forever vacation with this view.

Sunset from my balcony at La Vue in Sandy Cove Anguilla3-1-2017 8-37-37 AM (Custom)

In Anguilla people can’t always afford the 2nd floor when they build their houses, but they make their intentions known
This is a common site all over the island.3-1-2017 8-38-12 AM (Custom)

_DSC0765 (Custom)

The Four Season’s 2nd pool and the Atlantic Ocean from Matt and Chuck’s room



Caribbean Lobster is sweet and has much more meat in it.

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I’ll miss the simplicity of Anguilla
3-1-2017 8-46-06 AM (Custom)Until next time Anguilla PS this is actually St Maartans, you have to take a boat to Anguilla.