A few days ago I set Twitter a fire with this rumor. Since then two blog sites has said their sources say it’s not true. I’m sticking by my rumor that it is. I think my track record is fairly aaccurate.  In the past I’ve rumored that Walgreen’s was going into the old Border’s,

and as much as the internet world and the City denied it was happening, it opened August 2013.

Then there’s the Nordstrom Racked Rumor I put out in April 2013

Same thing for Nordstrom Racked going into Daffy’s

Philly’s Hottest Rumor Comes True – Which was confirmed in October 2013

“It’s now no longer the stuff of Philly Chit Chat items: Center City will be getting a Nordstrom outlet.
The news broke yesterday afternoon that Nordstrom Rack, the chain’s
off-price division, will be taking the first three floors of the former
Bonwit Teller store at 1700 Chestnut Street, most recently home to
now-defunct off-price retailer Daffy’s.
The store, slated to open in the fall of 2014, will have 96,000 square feet of space, according to a report on Racked Philly. Fameco Real Estate, recently acquired by CBRE, handled the transaction.
Will this development be enough to satisfy the “Nordstrom fetishists”?
Time will tell, but truth to tell, we doubt it. We’ll bet they’re
holding out for more news about that Bloomingdale’s in the Gallery HughE Dillon first injected into the rumor stream back in May.”

In September 2013, I tweeted that Comcast was going to build anther tower at 18th & Arch. That NBC Philadelphia and the Four Season’s would move there. Both NBC and The Four Season’s denied this was happening, and wrote me asking me where I got my info.

In January,  the Inquirer published a huge article on the move, including much more detail, but that sure enough NBC Philadelphia and the Four Season’s would move there.

(I’m only as good as my sources, and I really want to thank them for entrusting me with these huge stories.)

Recently (Dec 2012) I proposed that Pearl Properties was going to build a tower, and a restaurant at the corner of 19th and Chestnut after I rumored that they were buying up half the block, and closing the Qdoba. (I put two and two together when I noticed Pearl Properties bought the old Little Pete’s building, plus already owned the property between the Boyd Theater and Little Pete’s, and noticed the Dollar Store was closed. Then I searched the property records and discovered the end two buildings were under contract.)

Updated: April 2013 the CCPR has posted information on the new Pearl Properties condo they are building on the 1900 block of Chestnut Street.

One of the arguments against thinking a Wegman’s could be built in the City is that Wegman’s hasn’t venutred into an urban area. I found this last night and tweeted it to my 2 guys (who are worth reading every day. Two guys who just like me set out to write content that all of us are interested in.) A Wegman’s is being built in downtown Boston & So they r moving into Urban areas now.

Both of these drawings come from the Passyunk Post.

I’m just sticking by the rumor I floated out on the twitter world that yes, Wegman’s is rumored to be going into the Washington Avenue project. And with the much debated “Why are they building a parking garage with 1,000 spaces?” This would be why, a first class, hugely popular grocery store is coming to “Center City.” Currently my bet with the Passyunk Post guy is this thing will happen is something about eating an ice cream sandwich. Now how about if this great thing doesn’t happen I’ll donate $500 to my favorite charity, and I’ll take part in the dunking thing during Beer Week 2015 or 2016 whichever date they announce something other than a WEGMAN’s going into that space. I think my track record speaks pretty high, but deals do fall through. I probably shouldn’t have floated this one or the Bloomingdale’s one out so early. I guess it wasn’t close to the announcements, I never want to screw anything up, but my sources made it seem imminent.