Did I Photograph You This Week?

I think I read somewhere you can’t remove the label or you’ll be arrested.

I hear you, in fact over the years people often tell me they don’t see my photos. Of course I ask them did you look on CBSPhilly, Metro, Philly Style, Philly Mag or my social, and most times they say no. It’s all very confusing, are they asking me to notify them. I can’t even keep up with clients to notify them. Thankfully they have employees and Google alerts. So to solve this problem every Thursday I will put links to where the photos went. Some of the same events might appear on PhillyChitChat in the future, but not the photos used in the media outlets, unless I asked you one of my “questions of the day.”

FedNuts Parkway ppens at the The Terrace on 18th (18th and Parkway) is open (source)

Children’s Crisis Treatment Center Round Up CBS Metro Philly
Craftsman Row’s Christmas Pop Up Metro Philly CBSPhilly
First Person Arts Anniversary CBSPhilly
AVA Gala Cocktail Party CBSPhilly
The 2021 PABJ Awards & Scholarship Gala CBSPhilly
Rocky IV Screening CBSPhilly and Metro but it’s more of a review.
Boston Market Partners with Robert Irvine CBSPhilly Metro Philly

This would be a good time for me to thank CBSPHILLY and METRO Philly for their partnership over the years, especially the past 2 years. I am humbled, grateful for this relationship. I know the business’ and charities appreciate it the support as well. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! HughE

Speaking of Boston Market, have you gotten your Thanksgiving Dinner order in? You have until Monday November 22!! Thanks, have a great day !!