ERIN GO BYE (NBC10’s Erin Como Bids Good Bye To Philly)

Epic Saturday Night, whoever ask, I took their photo. I didn’t have a pad on moi so I didn’t capture names. Goodbye my sweet Erin, and by sweet I mean she is one of the nicest girls you will ever meet. She and her beau Danny are off to Nashville where she will start working at Fox 17 starting Monday.  I’ve already plotted my trip for July.

Saturday Night was alright. I was headed out to my friend Erin como’s going away party, but stopped by Serafina to take a photo of a bachelorette party.   My friend Colleen Walsh Spangler, 3rd from left, called a few weeks ago and asked where was a hot spot to go for the party and Serafina was one of my choices, then Whisper (1712 Walnut) for dancing. I continued walking by Rittenhouse Row I ran into a handful of people enjoying the evening. the place was buzzing, it got me excited as I wanted to see who was out with who and where (Although my dinner friends I swear I was walking fast cause I was late for dinner.)

Lindsey Napikoski Tara Malone Lesley Spriggs Joanna DiCiurcio Erin McMullen Jamie Hilton Anna Yocum Fazio Ashtyn Napikoski 

 Speaking of Bacherlor’s here’s Reid Rosenthal, serving the real estate needs of Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding suburbs., he was on ABC’s Bacherlor Show.  He’s hanging with Samantha Trasatti

 I was to meet Erin and crew at La Viola, but popped into the wrong one first (they have two restaurants across the street from each other on 16th St) I ran into David Carroll (Bar Noir, Rogues Gallery)(backrow) and his birthday party.  There’s Jack Eldridge and Mary Beth Hallman, Lippincott House Bed & Breakfast in Rittenhouse Square, and singer/actress Erika Schiff in the foreground.

Finally found the right spot. Sitting Erin Como, Maria Papadakis, her fiance Brenden Kent, then there’s , Camille Cwienkala (director of operations, LNS) and Danny Schuyler standing

Lt John Walker, Erin Como, Danny Schuyler, Alissa Ingram (exec producer at NBC 10),  TONY, Maria Papadakis, Brenden Kent, and Camille Cwienkala BTW La Viola packed like I’ve never seen a restaurant. Plus it’s BYOB, the bill for 7 people $200

Danny and friends. I think this is Bucca, I was walking by and didn’t notice it. Looks good though.

WTF: Chest bumping in Opa Restaurant. (Is this how construction works say hello?)
 Livin La Vida Smokin’  Jen Sherlock, Erin Como, Susie Celek and Julie Dorenbos

Before Jon Dorenbos arrived, this guy on the left came up to us and showed us a few magic tricks. Reminded me of Jon, so when he came in I did the introductions and the two spent a good amount of time discussing the biz. so random. 

Alissa Ingram (exec producer at NBC 10), Kristen Johanson,L&S, Big Rube, and Erin Como. I was impressed how packed Opa was on a Saturday night. They have a great DJ too. Some peeps broke out in dance. Nicole Rossi was grooving as was

NBC10 reporter Cydney Long and her husband
After Opa we headed to G Lounge for a little dancing (when you’re sleeping or at home at 1AM, this is what 15th & Sansom looks like. Exciting chaos.)

Big Rube sees fashion every where
Waylon Nelson and Chris

Blame it on the night time

Erin Como and Fred Calang – co-hosts of RAW the monthly art event on the last Thursday of the month at G Lounge (Check out Raw Monday at Vlannis)

Tim Nork and

Marisa Magnatta and Ron Zawadsky in love and in the Vault. I forgot Justin Pizzi and Dawn Timmeney were both at Opa. Justin introduced me to Erin, but it was Marisa that really connected us. thanks you two. I do have a handful of really excellent girlfriends, like Marisa, but Erin was a jewel and I don’t think anyone would discount that. How lucky we are to know such a kind, warm, wonderful person. I’ve never heard her say a mean thing about anyone, which was very irritating.

PhillyChitChat followers, sweet as can be

Random Peeps wanted their photo taken in the Vault at G Lounge
Random guy wanted his photo taken
Erin and Danny – we love you!!

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