Delilah’s, the Gentlemen’s Club and Steakhouse, celebrated the 21st anniversary of America’s longest-running
exotic dancer competition, “Entertainer of the Year”, last night. If you’ve been reading PCC for awhile you know that I love Delilah’s. It’s a fun club, and it’s fascinating to see the talented ladies work the pole as well as entertain the guests with their dance skills.

 Delilah’s has always been so nice to let me shoot the event, but last night I had another event that took up most of my time, which I’ll write about next week. So I didn’t get there until contestant #6 out of #9.

I’ve also been a judge at this event a couple times. Steve Olitsky and Marilyn Kellmer, SunMyst Tanning (2nd from right) were judges for the evening. Among the celebrity judges this
year were former Eagle and WIP host Hollis Thomas, Michele Demsky of the
Miss Pennsylvania USA pageant and Fleming’s Steakhouse, and Steve Olitsky from
Table 31.

I joined my friends at their table, which had a pretty sweet view of the stage, and just enjoyed the show and their company. Did I mention the place was PACKED. This is a big night in Philly, not only for the girls, but for the folks who appreciate the entertainment.

 I always see and meet the most interesting people at Delilah’s. Everyone inhibitions and attitude seems to be checked at the door. People are friendly, there’s dancing on the stage and guests are dancing in the aisles, at the tables on the stairs, there’s lap dances, and girls pouring shots from the most interesting positions, and there’s lots of smiles & laughter that envelope the club. It’s a happy place. Did I mention the food, I’m a big fan of their steak dinners. Well I did catch the awards portion of the show, but not the names of the ladies, except the winner. About this lovely lady won “Best Legs”

 Best Smile

 Best Bikini

Best Dress
Hot Body
 2nd runner up
  2nd runner up – WOW nice roses on that girl
 Now it’s down to the 1st runner up and the winner.
  And on the first day of Spring….Winter wins!!

I love Winter’s reaction to winning the title of 
 DELILAH’S ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR AWARD 2013 for the 2nd year in a row.

 She was contestant #3, and when I had arrived earlier in the evening my friends told me #2, #3 and #4 were standouts. #4 was 1st runner up.

 Winter takes the winners stroll down the 60 foot center stage.
(Courtney Lapresi the 2014 Winner of MasterChef. Love a girl who puts
herself through college through stripping and goes on to the career she
dreamed of, the prize $10.000.) 

 Her mother was in the audience to see her win after doing a number that was choreographed by Gunner de Medici
 Misty – Shot girl and Janie – Massage Girl at Delilah’s. The ladies recognized me from my appearances on Fox 29. They’re really sweet. Next time you’re in Delilah’s ask for them.
 Haily Summa and Dan Morris, GM Doc Magrogan’s (University City)

Ohhh I met a lot of people last nite who I didn’t get a chance to photography, but was thrilled to officially meet DJ Stephen Durkin, who I used to dance the night away in my formative years a decade+ back in time at Kurt’s and DCA. So fun to really meet him, when he didn’t have ear phones on in a DJ Booth. There’s always a favorite song that takes you back, but there’s also the guys who make magic on the turntable. Matt Beierschmitt and Noel Zayas who were all on hand to support Gunner.

Manny Romano, VIP Marketing Host at HQ in Atlantic City (Which reminds me I’ll be tweeting and blogging the Second Annual Taste of Revel on May 10 – 12. Mike is looking forward to a weekend of spa and massages, he loves the Bask Spa at Revel Resorts. BTW Royal Jelly, at Revel, gives 90 minute long burlesque lessons.) and Steve Olitsky.

Steve Prichett and Rapper Ryan Banks. Ryan tells me he’ll be appearing at Dusk in Atlantic City, at Caesar’s on March 30. He’ll also be using the club to film his new rap video. Can’t wait for the summer and the Annual Diamond G-String Award. In 2011 WINTER came in 2nd place. HERE are photos from that event with video to brighten your day.