Aaah for four months I had to bite my tongue about where Miley Cyrus was recording tracks for her new CD during the time fiance Liam Hemsworth was filming his movie Paranoia with Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. When I rang up the studio last August for confirmation on a rumor I had heard, about Cyrus recording there, they asked me not to say where until after December as she was going to come back and finish the session, and they too didn’t want a hoard of fans waiting outside. I did however tweet telling her fans she would be back to finish the recordings, but didn’t mention the studio (Miley herself always tweeting during her studio sessions saying she was recording here in Philly.)

 It was nail biting to wait especially because unbeknownst to me, Director Robert Luketic had asked that Miley stay away while the movie was filming. Since I had tweeted about it the fans kept asking me when, when, when is Miley coming back. To say the least I was getting nervous, plus hoping it wouldn’t get out as I was also working with a national magazine on the story (so some things are missing from this report.)
Above few of the Fangirls & guy hanging near the dressing rooms on
12th and Chestnut near where Paranoia was filming on Market Street in
the Loews Hotel. You’ll recall from yesterday’s entry that Carissa Beam, in the cow pants, met Miley & Liam the night before.

 Puppy on board. FINALLY Miley returned to Philly the day before the last day of shooting (Tuesday)

Last month according to a report by one of my fav Philly columnists, AD Amorosoi of the City Paper, he reported she had recorded at the Milk Studios in Northern Liberties, and they said she wasn’t coming back, and they were right as Miley had started to work with the the talent at SIGMA SOUND STUDIOS at 12th and Race Streets in August, recording with producers Ronny FLIP Colson, Pop Wansel, and Oak Wu.  (I kept telling the fans to hold on she’d been back to record, I mean no one told me to go public yet, so I knew she must have still been coming. The fans just wanted to know because they were eager for the CD to drop, not to hang out waiting for her. Most live far far away, and in other countries. Plus who doesn’t want to know about their fav stars, that’s why those magazines and Entertainment shows do so well)
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Our collaboration went so well then, that we decided to work together to find Miley. I had read Miley was going to go to Village Whiskey for Chicken & Waffles so I had Carissa go there to see if her car was there. I headed to Sigma Sound to see if she was there. I saw her outside smoking, dressed in black head to toe with a skull cap on, but could tell there wasn’t a chance to get a shot at that time without really making a scene. So I was hungry and left. I knew it could be a long night.

Back to Liam: Above that’s the security near the trailer blocking my shots of Liam, in
their defense they kept apologizing and saying they had to do it it was
there job. When I got to the trailer I chatted with Liam for a nano
second saying my cousin enjoyed chatting with him Saturday night.
Tomorrow on Good Day Philly find out where that was, and where Liam was
living for the duration of the filming of the movie in December.   While Liam Hemsworth was here, he did go to The Sporting Club a couple times in December I hear.
I ran into a few friends at Magianno‘s, who I had seen earlier at the 400PTM’s The Big Payback – Toys for Tots Event. Miley arrived at the studio in a sleek black SUV with rims of gold, I wonder who was pimping that ride? (Secrets Limo)
Reggie Berry, The 400PTM, Jacky Wright, The 400 PTM and Whitney Thomas
and headed inside with them. I
told them my plight, and that I was just going to head back and wait it
out. At some point Carissa told me that Meek Mill was with Miley. So we
arranged to meet there. I discovered MM was having a free concert (sponsored by Puma), as
Sigma Sound and lots of people were tweeting it out. I went in, and Carissa
stayed outside. I called my friends to tell them about the Meek Mills concert and they came over. Shout out to my girls who alerted me to epicness.
After Liam exited his “Dressing Room”, the security guards blocked him again, and I said Liam come on, I barely bother you, it’s the last day can I get a couple shots. Those shots will show up today on the wire service, so look for them. Then I went to take pixs with the fans and Liam, after I took this photo Liam said my flash was too bright and wanted the girls to use their own camera, and asked me not to take any shots as it was hurting his eyes.(Liam could have gotten his engagement ring at H Bandi Jewelers)

 Then this dedicated fan asked for a photo, Liam said he was late for the set and had to go. She stayed behind as Carissa and I ventured out to see if we could find Miley. 

I headed upstairs, and then gave directions to Carissa to the studio. I told her I’d be down after the concert. Within 5 minutes of Carissa arriving she got this shot & text me to tell me. OMG I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t want to go outside and see if Miley was still there, or wait another 30 minutes for her next ciggy break cause I didn’t want to miss Meek Mill. I thought oh boy another Carissa photo for the blog and Fox 29, I prefer to use my own.
Meek Mill killed it. Just today it came out in the Inky that a judge said he couldn’t tour for the next 30 days because of probation on a gun violation. Well his concert was awesome. Miley was there, toe tapping, and swaying to the music, especially to 
I got a a bad bitch in my Chevy
Selling Miley Cyrus in my brand new Monte Carlo
I got that Justin Bieber please believe it

Producers at Sigma Sound working on Miley’s CD (& have worked with Rhianna, Nikki Minaj, TI, the list goes on) Ronny FLIP Colson, Pop Wansel (Oak wud not pictured) & some annoying chick who ruined a million dollar photo, ugh not funny.

 As she was leaving to return to her studio session downstairs, I caught up with her and got a few shots. I asked her how her stay in Philly was and she told me she loved cutting her single at Sigma Sound as there was so much inspiration there. There’s always something going on at Sigma Sound. Ain’t that the truth Meek Mill’s in the house, oh and Miley Cyrus. Epic and worth the 4 months I had to wait to tell you. (I like to call this shot – Self Portrait. As a paralegal, slash blogger, it’s hard to get an exclusive in this day and age of twitter, cell phones and good old fashion gossip. It might not be the cure for cancer, but I was excited for it. THANK YOU to all those who helped me get this story, get this picture and the fan-girls who inspire me.)