Farley Granger Receives the Artistic Award from PIGLFF

The highlight of the Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, the Farley Granger visit. here is Farley and his partner/friend of 43 years, TV producer, Robert Calhoun at a reception for them at XIX in the Park Hyatt Bellevue

Philadelphia’s Film Office Guru Sharon Pinkenson with Farley Granger

Political aficionados Mike Marisco, his lovely wife Renee Gilinger, 2008 candidate Pennsylvania State Representative Larry Farnese and political columnist, Mary Patel.
The man with two hats, Thom Cardwell, Development Director PIGLFF, and co-founder of BUCKmonkey, with James Duggan, and Larry Farnese.Owners of the Philadelphian Beauty Shop 19130
a gift from Brasserie Pierre
The poster is almost completely signed
Robert Calhoun, Farley Granger and Carrie Rickey , Inquirer Movie Critic during the Q&A part of the program. Carrie later told me that she, Farley and Susan Sontag all went to North Hollywood High, but of course graduated in different years.
Rosemary Connors, Robert Calhoun, Farley Granger and Thom CardwellI don’t think my ridelin is working; I have taken too many darn pictures!!The fans were really moved to meet Farley
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Gail Kamenish greets Farley warmly, telling him how much she loved all his films, and what a great honor it was to meet him. It really was a special moment. Especially since people in our field (photographers) meet celebrities all the time. Its nice when you meet someone that you really admire and have been touched by through their art.