A Cycle of Tragedy

There was a motorcycle accident on Kelly Drive Sunday night near the Art Museum. The cops say if this guy had his helmet on he would have lived. Monday night, as I left an event at the Waterworks, I caught the man’s friends putting up a memorial in his honor at the spot where the guy died. Cars lined up along Kelly Drive taking up an entire lane for at least a 1/4 mile. because of his death many cycles of lives were affected, he was loved Closer to the site, some cars were in both lanes.
Friends who were probably with him last night as they raced down Kelly Drive, rev’ed their wheels in a fitting tribute of carelessness creating a lot of unnecessary noise and pollution and it went on for a few minutes
as they prepared to ride away without any helmets on their heads. One by one the cars drove by the make shift memorial

and made made U-Turns into the on coming trafficone red car, spun his wheels, screeeeeeechhhhh
and did a fish tail
of course, (what an idiot!)
as the long procession made its way back to the neighborhood, I thought were any lessons learned, did he die in vain? Am I just too old to know what is cool? Is riding a motorcycle without a helmet cool, or a cycle of tragedy?
The fateful curve and memorial of teddy bears, messages and candles
he was only 21, and it is very sad because he had his whole life in front of him.
A Fairmount Park Ranger appeared out of nowhere (who knew there were park rangers? [there’s 20]) I asked him what would happen to this memorial. He said that he would have to call it in, the only other one he had ever seen was one in Pennypacker Park where some idiot put up a similar one for the deer that were being killed because over population. Every time the deer sympathizer put it up, we would take it down and toss it. He then called, his supervisor who said that he could keep this one up until someone complains about it. – Well I thought, it’s a park, who is going to complain about it, the runners, bikers, bladers, kids in strollers? Maybe a parent or two can tell their kids how important it is to wear a helmet when you operate a bike, whether it’s motorized or not.

I think statistics will tell you that wearing a helmet improves your chances of surviving an accident. Seriously I’m saddened by anyone’s death and the heartache that it brings, but please, please get over your thoughts of any vanity when it comes to protecting yourself so no one else has to go through this tragic situation.