A Gentle Soaking Rain in Philadelphia

A Marathon Rain – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (?)

According to

A gentle soaking rain fell throughout much of the region yesterday afternoon, last night [and today]. In some places, over an inch of rain fell, which is welcome news considering the rainfall deficit we’ve been dealing with. Philadelphia received 0.66″ of rain as of 4 AM this morning, the largest rain event in about a month in this area. Northeast Philadelphia received 1.10″ of rain.

I would have cropped this photo or spiffied it up, but I just got the new Vista system and it didn’t support my JASC Photopaint version, and I have been meaning to graduate or grudgely accept the fact that I should be doing photoshop at this point in my life, so you get nothing but virgin shots until I learn all these new applications. Well that explains why there wasn’t a post on Monday. Thanks!