The New Clothespin Plaza at Penn Square

The 1976 Claes Oldenburg’s 45-foot-high, 10-ton sculpture stands in front of the Center Square Building at 15th and Market Streets, near City Hall in Philadelphia. The old Clothespin area was not very pretty, it was a concrete jungle, the stairs were in an odd juxtaposition to the street, although it seemed inviting to marathon sittersThe New Clothespin at Penn Square is much prettier. The stairs have been flipped and you can now enter/exit from the streetside. No more unwanted people loitering by the banks doors.Not much of a concrete jungleand still a great place to sit
Looks like it’s a Taxi Stand now too?Overall I think they have done an excellent job. The facade and plaza really make Penn Plaza an inviting place to locate a business. With their largest tenant Comcast Corp., which occupies about 230,000 square feet, leaving within the year, I think the new curb appeal will attract the tenants they desire.