William Penn is Not Getting A Wax Job Yet!!

As I mentioned in my 8/8/07 entry, City Hall’s William Penn was scheduled to undergo his 10 year cleaning and waxing to waterproof the statue starting 8/20/07. The newly in place $5 observation viewing tower fee would be suspended as it would be closed for about 30 days for obstruction of view and safety issues. So on 8/20/07 I thought I would begin a series of William Penn shots to mark the progression of the scaffolding and cleaning (I am always inspired by and


Lucy there’s something fishy going on ‘er; On my way to work Wednesday morning I see a guy with a picket sign standing in the South archway of City Hall. I asked him if he was with the company that will be cleaning William Penn and if are they on strike. He didn’t want to answer my questions (which I thought meant if you ask one more question I am going to break your camera over your head)
Lucky for me there seemed to be plenty of picketers and maybe one would answer my questions

West side (another shy one)

Mayor’s entrance
East side, and then finallysomeone, who didn’t want to be photographed, tells me that the picketers are from the Carpenters Union. He further states that “A Non-Union carpenter firm is inside City Hall doing work and the Carpenter’s Union doesn’t think its fair that they can pay someone less than Union Scale to do a job.” I then mentioned that because of his picketing, the Union Carpenter guys who were going to scaffold William Penn to prepare him for cleaning and water proofing, won’t cross the picket line and now tourist from all over the world are going to have to wait even longer to view our beautiful City because of the delay. In fact it could even go into winter before all is said and dine, tourist season will be over and dollars will be lost.

He said, “The City should have been better prepared, they knew about the impending strike and should have been flexible to opened the observation tower, since the work hadn’t even started. They could have been collecting the $5 a head, put a smile on at least 120 people a day for the last two weeks grossing $1200, but then again we are talking about the Street Administration.” (OK that wasn’t his quote)