David Lee Roth leaving his hotel on the way to Wachovia for the 2nd night of the Reunion Tour

OK the Phillies lost and that sucked, but hey I picked up the new Springsteen CD (I love it, but I am biased) and then on my way home from work I caught David Lee Roth exiting the Four Seasons signing photographs for the “autograzzi”. For you readers who don’t follow my other site [plug], an “autograzzi” is someone that collects autographs on photos, albums, CD’s, guitar plates, and then sells them to the fans or to “brokers” for anywhere from $25 up to $75 for the guitar plates. These guys are like pirahanas and can “rack” up a good 2 – 6 “graphs” at any celebrity stop. The “money shot” for me is capturing the celebrity sign an item, making sure I get the pen in, and the object being signed. It would be much better if the celebrity looked up, but he’s got a cigar in his mouth so that should be unique enough.
There’s no doubt you will see this shot in the Inky or Daily News this week, but hopefully People Magazine will pick it up too.