Well September and Rocktober. Last week I shot Bono in Philadelphia, yesterday I shot David Lee Roth in Philadelphia and last month I photographed Bruce Springsteen in NYC,. In honor of his concert tonight and Saturday night (neither of which did I get tickets as I was in NYC shooting the likes of the Boss those dates the tickets went on sale), I share with you these shots.He wears this religious symbols on his new CD cover. These shots were taken during Fashion Week in NYC. My friends and I were hanging outside of Tom Fords store on Madison Ave trying to see who would show up at this event, we had no idea who would come, and that’s exactly what a paparazzi is, random/candid shots of celebrities. As we were waiting there we saw a huge SUV waiting at a light about a block away, and all these “autograzzi’s” were chasing it on FOOT, with albums in their hands. As it pulled up we could see the album cover. As a MAJOR BRUCE fan I couldn’t believe my dumb luck. And even better than that, I was the only person to get the “two” shot of them together…as they arrived.So my friends who didn’t get it waited, as I did, the two hours for the Springsteens to emerge from the party. They didn’t get the two shot then either.

BRUUUUUUUUCCE, see you next year on the stadium tour!!