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#PCC10 Anniversary: Favorite Tear Sheets

Hello Monday, oh wait I forgot to publish this yesterday… after a fairly awesome weekend weather wise, this is not how I want to face my Monday. So let’s chat Tear Sheets. A Tear Sheet is a press clipping of your work, it can be your client in the news, an event you produced, or for me a photo I placed or was picked up by the media. It is important you keep these tear sheets for your own records, cause it’s kinda exciting to get press, and it’s good when you’re going after your next job to show your client what you can do for them, and for me in the beginning it was good when I was credentialing myself to get into events.  It usually takes a few Tear Sheets before you would be considered legit to get access to events.

This is one of my favorite photos and moments in my career, but I really goofed with this photo, I never submitted it to my wireservice, I was caught up in the excitement of everything. A similar photo ran in People Mag, but it was bought from the Phila Inquirer photographer, something that is nearly never done. it was taken from Sky Philadelphia.

9-30-2013 7-39-51 AM (Custom)
This was significant as it was the first time I placed Marilyn Russell in the newspaper. It was the beginning of our close friendship as well.  This was a Kory Aversa event, and he asked me to invite a few people to an event at his client Penny Ordway’s spa Eviama, and I invited Marilyn. It was also her bday and he got a cake and it became picture perfect for the Daily News.


1-24-2016 7-56-01 AM (Custom)
I Instagramed a shot of the sledders the year before and Cecily Tynan picked it up. It was shared thousands of times, and liked by more than 6ks people. (It was also picked up by national news as well) Every year I send her a shot like this, if it snows more than 8 inches as that’s what you need to sled on the steps.

2-24-2016 6-44-48 AM (Custom)
My first Metro Cover Story Photo. I’ve had two, then last week I was on the cover. Very exciting.


3-18-2015 3-14-24 PM (Custom)

We are still waiting for the hotel at Broad and Spruce to be built. 6-17-2015 11-43-26 PM (Custom)
I love this shot. I’m so lucky I got it as I was at the top of the steps at Penn’s Landing. I never credential myself at the Gay Pride Parade because I’m with Mike and
I don’t like leaving him behind during this special day. (Philly Gossip)7-6-2014 1-43-50 PM (Custom)
Nicki Minaj giving me juicy love at the Ritz Carlong. This shot still sells today as she was make up free.7-8-2015 12-27-18 AM (Custom)
Oh how I loved when my photos found a home at Philly Daily News Gossip Column8-11-2014 3-18-28 AM (Custom) 8-23-2013 12-59-37 PM
Tear sheets also include your postings, whether it’s a blog or Social Media posting, being picked up by the press.9-2-2013 4-12-01 PM (Custom)

Always excited to be quoted in the press

from a fan (Custom) 7-20-2013 3-34-52 AM (Custom)
It takes years photographing celebrities, and making the right connections to anticipate where a celebrity is going to exit their hotel. This was the back of Hotel Monaco.9-27-2013 7-49-45 AM (Custom)
I miss my Philly.com column. It was exciting when they offered it to me, but like most things in it went away with the changing of
the economy and downsizing of the media. 3-25-2013 11-49-21 PM (Custom)

3-14-2012 7-02-45 AM (Custom)

7/31/17 will be my 6th year anniversary at Fox 29 as a contributor. I used to appear on the show weekly, but then my business got in the way. If you watch the show today
you’ll see photos of an event I photographed Monday night with Alex Holley and Jenn Frederick modeling Venus Williams tennis clothing.
I am still a contributor, as well as someone who gives them story ideas.

4-5-2012 11-48-07 PM (Custom)

It bums me out when a photo I took at a Philly event makes it in the press, but doesn’t mention the event. 8-4-2012 8-33-37 PM (Custom) (2) 8-22-2012 4-04-29 PM (Custom) (2)
Funny when the national press writes about me

national enquirer (Custom) (2)

3-14-2012 2-05-14 PM (Custom)

march (Custom)

There’s a million favorite tear sheets I adore, but I just wanted to show a few of them today. So bloggers if you’re blog is picked up by another blog, or the press
remember to save those tear sheets.


Gwen Stefani Spent The Day in Philly with her Kids

Gwen Stefani Spent The Day With Her Kids in Philly
I may be late in posting today (Tuesday, 3:30PM), but I have a good reason. Did some columns, shot one of my pro-bono charity gigs then waited for the lovely Gwen Stefani.


A shot I took of Gwen w/family leaving Morimoto in 2009

The Throwback Tour of the Summer is happening, and tonight it’s in Philly as Gwen Stefani and Eve are playing the BT&T Pavillion in Camden.   Stefani, who has a hot hit right now with her beau Blake Shelton, is bringing Philly’s own Eve along on the road for the This Is What the Truth Feels Like Tour, which kicked off on July 12 and wraps up with a show in Los Angeles on October 15.


Sunday night she and Blake performed their duet “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA. But don’t expect to see him tonight cause when she checked into her hotel,  The Ritz on Monday, all she brought were a lot of Toys R Us bags, while wheeling in a box with a kids blow up pool, yes really.


I remember in 2009 when I chatted about Gwen and family in Philly on my Fox 29 celeb segment, her son Kingston was spotted riding his big wheel down the halls of the Ritz Carlton. I can’t imagine what it was like to have a kids pool in the room last night, do you think they filled it to the top?


@NicoleisNik from   tweeted she saw Gwen’s kids on her plane from LA yesterday afternoon. They were all reunited at The Ritz that afternoon, and spent quality mom time, where Gwen said in a Charlotte Observer interview, that it was back to reality time and her being a mom for a bit.


After play time Gwen, and her tour manager headed to Estia (1405 Locust St) for dinner. I heard they dined on Langoustines

How cute is that dress – it’s by Bernie Dexter

7-20-2016 9-11-08 AM

7-20-2016 9-22-11 AM

Up early Tuesday, Gwen and the kids headed to the Please Touch Museum for a little fun before heading to the BT&T Pavilion for tonight’s concert.

7-19-2016 3-50-09 PM

Here’s some of their luggage being loaded onto the tour bus, they also brought out the toys, some in bags, some lose, no sign of the pool, did they leave it behind? That’s Gwen’s assistant, pretty in pink, and tour director. Eve entertained friends and family at her hotel at the Sofitel (120 S 17th St,), and was seen leaving with bags at 230PM

7-19-2016 4-10-24 PM

Speaking of throwbacks: Yes that was Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray fame eating lunch at Ruby Tuesdays at Shops of Liberty Place yesterday. They’re playing in Bethlehem Pa Wed.

7-19-2016 4-57-02 PM

BTW I was at the Shops of Liberty Place today and saw that the renovations were done at Kiehl’s and it looks like it’s opening soon.



Craziest Wizard World Instagram Pixs + Sebastian Stan Amorous Fans

Wizard World or PhillyComicCon as some people call it was this weekend. I missed it as I went to Christie Lee Mandia’s wedding, see yesterday’s blog post. The bride wore BLACK. Anywho, I love WW but thankfully through the modern miracle of Social Media it was like I was there. I culled a few of my favorite pixs from the epic three day event for us to enjoyWizard

Stanley Tucci after his interview by Comic4You. These are not small rooms, with small crowds. They are super fans! BTW Stanley Tucci was one of the most spotted celeb in town over the weekend, he was at Susanna Foo’s new place SuGa on Friday night, and on Saturday headed to Assembly at Logan Hotel to catch the sunset.


random fun


This guy wins the best T-Shirt contest


Lea Thompson (The whole Back to the Future gang was at WW including Michael J Fox)

6-7-2016 2-20-32 AM (Custom)

& Christopher Lloyd – who did this fun photo op.

Wizard Wizard

6-7-2016 2-13-36 AM (Custom) 6-7-2016 2-21-01 AM (Custom)

Wonder Women the later years6-7-2016 2-14-08 AM (Custom)





6-7-2016 3-23-37 AM (Custom)

princessmorganb: Honestly can’t even explain how cool this was. The moment Tom Hiddleston turned around and looked at me, he just went “WOW!” And told me I looked magnificent. When I stood between the two, they started rubbing my arms and touching my paint. Chris Hemsworth said “what is this!?” And when I claimed it would not come off, they started to rub me harder. Tom asked how long I’d taken to get ready and when I told him, he said JESUS! 😂😂😂 I saw him again later for my autograph and he repeated his earlier compliment but as I walked away, he stopped me and said “no seriously, you look amazing”. Really cool experience from two very nice dudes!!! #wizardworld #wizardworldphilly

6-7-2016 3-21-01 AM (Custom) Wizard

John Cena


Pen pals finally meet after years of writing





Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-American actor, known for his role as James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes/Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Sebastian Stan was definitely one of the friendliest celebs with an amorous, er I mean enormous fan club.


6-7-2016 3-20-34 AM (Custom)








watersofglass: Before I tell this story, I would like to give my sincerest thank you to everyone who has shared, liked, or commented on our story. We had no idea we would get the response that we have, and we cannot be more happy or thankful!! Across instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr we have read the most kindest words, and we just cannot thank people enough!!!! That being said, this man right here, Sebastian Stan, is one of the most genuinely kind people I’ve ever met, who is truly appreciative of his fans. He was scheduled to do autographs at 3:45 today. While on break walking around, he saw a bunch of his fans in line already waiting around 1:45, so he came up and said “you guys want some autographs?!” and sat down with no security guard or staff around. He remembered us from yesterday and got super excited, hugged us both and congratulated us after we told him he’s invited to the wedding lol I love this man. I’m so glad I picked him as my favorite celebrity ❤️ Thank you again @imsebastianstan!!!!!! You’re the best! #wizardworldphilly #wizardworldphiladelphia

@imsebastianstan – Congratulations to these two!! Wow. Thanks for including me…I wish you both much love! He really went for it. #wizardworld Philadelphia #bestman

WizardThe End


Scene & Heard in Philly – Mary J Blige in Town, AI’s Weekend, Sixers Nerlens Noel Birthday Party, Carlo’s Bakery

 Hope you had a terrific weekend with that amazing weather. I had to run out yesterday to cover the BenFM Women of the Week Luncheon, so I didn’t have time for my Scene and Heard in Philly.

What an amazing weekend it was, Saturday I attended the WDAS Women of Excellence luncheon, it was great to see so many beautiful, empowering women, hear inspiring messages and enjoy thoughtful performances.

One of the “Shereos” Sheinelle Jones, with her dad Federal Judge Darnell Jones in 3rd Circuit located in Philadelphia.   

Mary J. Blige was at the WDAS’ First Annual Women of Excellence Luncheon
on Saturday, April 11, 2015 held at First District Plaza in
Philadelphia, where she was given the WDAS Trailblazing Woman of
Excellence Award, which will be renamed as the WDAS Mary J Blige Women
of Excellence Award beginning next year. The event was held to recognize
9 extraordinary women in the Philadelphia area including former Fox 29
Good Day Morning Anchor Sheinelle Jones, now at the Today Show, Faatimah Gamble and
Commissioner Susan Slawson, doing extraordinary things in their
community that improved peoples lives.  

 At the luncheon Mary J Blige was really humbled and the
emotion really comes through in this photo. She’s being honored by

Allen Iverson was in town this weekend. First he was spotted Saturday night watching the Garcia fight at Dave and Buster’s then yesterday he was at Sugarhouse trying out his luck there. Has anyone ever seen him in anything but sweats? (Thanks to my tipster who sent this photo)

Congrats to Sixers Nerlens Noel who celebrated his 21st Birthday at 1925 lounge (ie the former G Lounge) last Thursday. I hear it was a jam packed good time at the new don’t call night club.

Recently Philly Mag reported that “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro was opening a Location of Carlo’s Bakery in Rittenhouse, I took this shot the other day seems like it’s coming along nicely. It’s been reported that the opening will be late Spring, early summer which I would agree with. 
Speaking about anticipated eateries, I hear Mercadito, at 2116 Chestnut Street is shooting for a September opening. When I walked by the other day they were not working on it yet.
So sad the Food Bazaar has closed. I peeked through the little space in the door and the relics of the Food Bazaar were strewned about.
Remember Oh So Good, the delicious food buffet at 19th and Market, they closed up shop quickly last summer. (They have since opened at 1700 Market St.,) I was walking by their old spot and it’s starting to be gutted. I’ll keep a lookout to see what might pops up there. So much fun and development in Center City.
2015 Walnut Street has one of those “orange” L&I signs. It says that this spot is going to be a restaurant and for take out. I am crossing my fingers cause I really need a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood. I’ve been jonsing for one since Wok closed. 

UPDATE: just informed me it’s going to be a BYOB taco place run. Oh well, maybe Chinese will follow somewhere Walnut St soon.


 This spring has brought a lot of engagements, congrats to my good friends Amanda Giddings and Michael Dana
And then there’s baby news!! Congrats.
Saturday night after shooting Blingo, I headed to Zama for a late night bite. I ran into my old friend Angelo Soldevila, who I used to work with when I was a paralegal. He was out celebrating his wife Lea for her birthday!! Great to see them.

A video posted by Philly ChitChat (@phillychitchat) on Apr 13, 2015 at 6:19am PDT
So glad I met this girl Alex Holley. I have so much fun with her. Sunday, Mike, Alex and I went to the Manayunk Street Fair. It was packed.


Anne Hathaway Spotted in Philadelphia Saturday & Sunday

It’s nice to know that actress and Oscar winner Anne Hathaway still visits her family here in Philadelphia.

Both of Anne’s parents were born in the Philadelphia area Gerald T. Hathaway and Kate McCauley Hathaway, and met while they attended La Salle University during the 1970s, graduating one year apart. (Congratulations La Salle with a return to the NCAA Sweet 16 for the first time in 21 years.) (I shot the above pix outside another bar/restaurant, The Waverly Inn in NYC. She was looking at her mom who was standing next to me, when I took this photo.)

Last night I received a tip that Anne was at The Ten Six Club, 1709 Walnut St. celebrating a cousin’s bacherlorette party.

She was in disguise wearing a pink wig and sunglasses.  Expect her to be at the wedding in a few weeks too, she’s not shy about attending them or buying the dress on the day of as she did nearly 2 years ago for another cousins wedding, read about it here.

Sunday night she was spotted at 30th Street station boarding an Amtrak train back to NYC. 

  1. Nothing like seeing Anne Hathaway disguised like she was in the princess diaries in the Philly train station!
  2. Just saw Anne Hathaway in a Philly train station, nbd

    (I received the tip about 1:30AM and had just arrived home exhausted. Otherwise I would have gone back out. Thanks to my tipster.)


Paris Hilton is such a Marmot Tease

Today Paris Hilton was in Philadelphia to promote her new perfume “Can Can” and sign 200 autographs for the adoring fans, one of which was Pennsylvania’s mascot the Groundhog.

When I got a tip today that the “Groundhog” would be posing with Paris Hilton at her signing at Macy’s, I just couldn’t pass it up. I spoke to the Groundhogs people and they said that the State’s mascot did not get any special treatment and had to buy a $55 bottle of “Can Can” like everyone else, then stand in line (for 3 hours), before Paris would pose for a photo.
I was advised by Macy’s hired guns that I could only shoot from a position about 30 feet away because technically the “Press” portion of the evening was over and I should have leftAfter waiting what must have seemed like an eternity in the Groundhog suit, the rodent was finally upon Ms HiltonWhen suddenly a voice from across the room shouted at the Groundhogand told him that he could not put on his head piece as it was a security risk and Ms Hilton would not pose with a Groundhog
with that she grabbed his head and gave it to the Groundhog keeper
and Mr Groundhog could only ponder
on what could have been

I don’t know what is scarier, this shot or these videos promoting the Groundhog http://www.groundhogchase.com./ (For additional shots of the Paris gig check out http://www.confessionsofapaparazzi.com/ )



Well September and Rocktober. Last week I shot Bono in Philadelphia, yesterday I shot David Lee Roth in Philadelphia and last month I photographed Bruce Springsteen in NYC,. In honor of his concert tonight and Saturday night (neither of which did I get tickets as I was in NYC shooting the likes of the Boss those dates the tickets went on sale), I share with you these shots.He wears this religious symbols on his new CD cover. These shots were taken during Fashion Week in NYC. My friends and I were hanging outside of Tom Fords store on Madison Ave trying to see who would show up at this event, we had no idea who would come, and that’s exactly what a paparazzi is, random/candid shots of celebrities. As we were waiting there we saw a huge SUV waiting at a light about a block away, and all these “autograzzi’s” were chasing it on FOOT, with albums in their hands. As it pulled up we could see the album cover. As a MAJOR BRUCE fan I couldn’t believe my dumb luck. And even better than that, I was the only person to get the “two” shot of them together…as they arrived.So my friends who didn’t get it waited, as I did, the two hours for the Springsteens to emerge from the party. They didn’t get the two shot then either.

BRUUUUUUUUCCE, see you next year on the stadium tour!!