Anne Hathaway Spotted in Philadelphia Saturday & Sunday

It’s nice to know that actress and Oscar winner Anne Hathaway still visits her family here in Philadelphia.

Both of Anne’s parents were born in the Philadelphia area Gerald T. Hathaway and Kate McCauley Hathaway, and met while they attended La Salle University during the 1970s, graduating one year apart. (Congratulations La Salle with a return to the NCAA Sweet 16 for the first time in 21 years.) (I shot the above pix outside another bar/restaurant, The Waverly Inn in NYC. She was looking at her mom who was standing next to me, when I took this photo.)

Last night I received a tip that Anne was at The Ten Six Club, 1709 Walnut St. celebrating a cousin’s bacherlorette party.

She was in disguise wearing a pink wig and sunglasses.  Expect her to be at the wedding in a few weeks too, she’s not shy about attending them or buying the dress on the day of as she did nearly 2 years ago for another cousins wedding, read about it here.

Sunday night she was spotted at 30th Street station boarding an Amtrak train back to NYC. 

  1. Nothing like seeing Anne Hathaway disguised like she was in the princess diaries in the Philly train station!
  2. Just saw Anne Hathaway in a Philly train station, nbd

    (I received the tip about 1:30AM and had just arrived home exhausted. Otherwise I would have gone back out. Thanks to my tipster.)