Paris Hilton is such a Marmot Tease

Today Paris Hilton was in Philadelphia to promote her new perfume “Can Can” and sign 200 autographs for the adoring fans, one of which was Pennsylvania’s mascot the Groundhog.

When I got a tip today that the “Groundhog” would be posing with Paris Hilton at her signing at Macy’s, I just couldn’t pass it up. I spoke to the Groundhogs people and they said that the State’s mascot did not get any special treatment and had to buy a $55 bottle of “Can Can” like everyone else, then stand in line (for 3 hours), before Paris would pose for a photo.
I was advised by Macy’s hired guns that I could only shoot from a position about 30 feet away because technically the “Press” portion of the evening was over and I should have leftAfter waiting what must have seemed like an eternity in the Groundhog suit, the rodent was finally upon Ms HiltonWhen suddenly a voice from across the room shouted at the Groundhogand told him that he could not put on his head piece as it was a security risk and Ms Hilton would not pose with a Groundhog
with that she grabbed his head and gave it to the Groundhog keeper
and Mr Groundhog could only ponder
on what could have been

I don’t know what is scarier, this shot or these videos promoting the Groundhog (For additional shots of the Paris gig check out )