World Children’s Day starring Hayden Panettiere and Ne-Yo

There is no doubt about it, more celebrities fly through our sleepy town of Philly than I ever thought. Last week it was the blond bombshell – Paris Hilton, this week its the beauty with brains – Hayden PanettiereFrom Dan Gross’ column today:
Hayden, Ne-Yo hit McDonald’s
“Heroes” hottie Hayden Panettiere and R&B sensation Ne-Yo will be at the McDonald’s at 941 S. Broad from 3:30 to 5:30 this afternoon.

The pair are here for World Children’s Day and will sign paper hands that customers can purchase for $1. The money benefits the Ronald McDonald House and other children’s charities. Out and about
When Ne-Yo first arrived at McD’s I asked my friends where the white guy with the violin was. They laughed and said that I was confusing the rapper with Yo Ma. I was sadly disappointed as I was expected Yo Ma and although I thought it an odd choice, always wanted to see the legend.

At the finale, Hayden leaves McD’s with a bag of fries

Check out to see Hayden circa 2005!

By the way did you see Dan Gross’ column yesterday: Postscript on Paris
Paris Hilton bunked at the Four Seasons while in town Wednesday at Macy’s (1300 Market) signing pictures for people who bought $55 bottles of her CanCan perfume. The party princess, we’re told, stayed late chatting with fans at Macy’s, where Ten Pennies (1921 S. Broad) had arranged her floral displays of pink princess roses, red roses and pink plumes. Hilton’s people initially said she could pose with Pennsylvania’s groundhog mascot, then refused, citing the mascot’s helmet as a security risk, according to HughE Dillon of (Very exciting stuff that 15 minutes of fame – LOL)