My Office’s Holiday Party was held at the Flyers Game Saturday Night against the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Club, it was great, well except the Flyers Lost.Santa was there and fans donated a lot of Toys for the Tots

Mike and our friend Jeff plead their case to Santa in hopes that he won’t give them coal again this year.Bob Kelly was there, it was great catching up. He used to go hunting with my dad.
Jimmy Burt and the Flyers Alumni – Bob Kelly, Gary Dornhoeffer and the great Bernie Parent!!
Santa’s Helpers

Shortly after taking this shot, security informed me that I could no longer take photos since I was using a telephoto lens, something about copywrite and ebay?

My boss Joe, Bernie Parent (I went to school with his son Chuck and also got to tell him that I picked up “The Secret”, after he recently mentioned in an article that it changed his life), Gary Dornhoffer and Mrs Burt. Hat Trick!! I had no idea that fans threw their hats on the rink when someone gets a Hat Trick. It was amazing to see.
Rebecca won a chance to ride the Zamboni between periods

He shoots, he scores!!
Then it was sudden death, and we lost by some fluke It seem to land on his shoulder, and the fans started cheering with our win, but when he stood up the puck fell into the goal. It didn’t matter, it was a fun night all around. It’s always nice to see your co-workers with their families and to catch up. OK but that parking lot craziness has got to go, I can see why public transportation is the way to go.