I am fortunate to have a standing invitation to Berger Montague’s Holiday Party. (I worked on a project from 1/02 -6/04 and then from 8/05 – 12/06 I worked with Diane from Berger on a project in NYC). Diane and I went to the party together and we had a terrific time.

One of the things I enjoy most about going to this annual event is seeing a lot of my old friends and catching up. The room at the Westin was really beautiful this year.Last year’s room; I think the Westin got a better decorator cause that pink rug had to go and the room looks so much better nowHere are two of my favorites Brett and Helen Gym Flaherty. Brett is an outstanding attorney, a great dad and an amazing athlete, but Helen is the savior of children every where. I first met Helen back when she championed the effort to keep the stadiums out of Chinatown, an issue my life partner was also concerned with. Another cause Helen near to her heart is education. Recently on Frontline she was quoted as saying, “Education is not a business. At some point, quality of education and the concept of profit will conflict and that quality of public education will suffer.” Brett and Helen are the proud parents of three children, and I am going to find a house for them in Fairmount so they can be my neighbors and I can see them more often. New mom Gemma and her mom, Anna
New grandparents, The Markerts.
Style sisters Sandy and SoniaSome of my closest friends that I still keep in touch with weekly or monthly. Diane, Sharon, Jeff, beautiful Maryanne, Todd and Celeste (missing Susan, Marcy, Sonia and Barry)April and her friendKevin, the invincible Sheila and April getting their groove onOne of the best litigation attorney’s (and a mighty good dancer to boot) Sherrie Savett and husband, radio host and former senator, Bob Rovner She’s bringing sexy back Thanks to John, Mark and Berger for throwing another great shindig