I am still irritated at myself for missing that photo of Booker and Alycia Lane last Friday, especially when I wasn’t too timid to snap the Governor smooching Judge Rendell as they parted ways at the Marian Anderson Awards last month. Glad to know that someone did get the shot The Shot last week at Kildare’s, so it wouldn’t have been the “money shot” I thought it would have been, but it still would have been good to have it in stock. Good news for me today, the final goal I set out to achieve in my p/t “Photography/Paparazzi” career was accomplished today. Completely unplanned, as I had given up on reaching and just occurred through someone seeing a photo on this blog. Can’t go into details now, but will cover it in the Year End wrap up next week.Thanks for stopping by today, and everyday, I really appreciate it. – HughE