Where’s the party is one of my favorite Madonna songs, and WHERE’s party was just what I did on Thursday, clever eh? You know how I feel about Laura Burkhardt, she is just the nicest, no nonesense, big hearted person you ever want to meet, and she invited me to Where’s office party, that’s beside the lovely event she invited me to a few weeks back that I didn’t even have time to write about. Anywho, It was an afternoon cocktail party, lots of booze, food and a dancing girl. Shockingly I brought my camera, ’cause I really want to be the Andy Warhol of Philadelphia, except without the bad wig, and there’s a good chance I won’t ever produce “Piss Art”. Anyway I fell down on the job, and instead of shooting, I spent a lot of time chatting, shooting and not collecting names; so forgive me, did Andy ever collect names, I think not, hopefully by this time next year, I will just know you. (Feel free to leave me a name and then I will get to know you, and then I can pass these suckers on to HX, QT, Philly Mag Social Scene, Social Philly and the likes… Thanks to Laura and Where Magazine, Triumph Brewing Co, & Profile PR for the invite!!OK these guys are the last people I want to see a week away from Nutrisystem morning noon and night, they are affiliated with Fusion Gym, which I never heard of, but love the name. This is what I read about it: Awarded Best Gym in Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly 2007 fusion is a structured fitness studio for group and personal training that delivers the essential guidance, motivation, and support customers need to get and stay fit via a holistic approach that addresses HEART, MUSCLE and MIND Gavin McKay, owner, hmm, and Michelle Shannon From the CCD (I love that organization) Matt, Sheryl “Out There PR” Raskin (call me girl!), Meredith Trotter, hmm I suck, and PR Maven Paige Wolf (Please put me on your mailing lists, I want to cover your events. Thanks)
This is the gayest shot on so many levels…Matt, Will, Me and James (I seem tiny in this shot, I like it) OK hmm all around and Zelinda with the red hair, no more walking home girl!! Then it was off to the Cashman bash, where I would see a lot of these people over there, which would explain the convenience of the party times. 2 -5:30PM, and then 6 – 9PM, but it was still kicking when I left at 9:30PM

The Cashman Party was held at Positano Coast (Thanks to JD for giving my lazy ass a ride)
If you are a long time reader of Philly Chit Chat or my other blog well then you know who this is on the right – Sharon Pinkenson and you know why I love her so much. I still have not been able to really chat with her because she’s my Madonna of Philadelphia!! (I like the hat she’s styling, as my NYC paparazzi friend Margarita always says)
Cashman girls Dana Lombardo & Carrie Nork, and Brett (Publisher of Phlare Magazine) Festivities and a red sweater make the Yuletide bright

Lauren, Jeremiah of The Liquid Experience Massage (currently in NJ, but they travel and after you read about their massages, you will want to see them soon ) and JD Coleates of Triumph Brewery
Dana, Bob and TJ (who I enjoyed talking to; he told me the how he met Dana story, which is very unique and will be featured on my other blog shortly)Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow It sucks when I don’t get their names, especially since I believe at least two of them are single, update: Nick Corsano is in the center, and James Duggan (I thought the Faux Hawk was on its way out, but this guy was smoldering with his)
There she is, a radiant Laura Burkhardt (who surprisingly gets as embarrassed as a mention on my blog, as I get when people pay me compliments about being a fan of my blog) and Philly’s Tavern on Camac ‘s Dennis Fee
I tried to get them to juggle the apples, but Rich, James, the vivacious Susan, the new managing director of the Phila Film Society, Ed Urban and Steven Rosenfeld from the Printer’s Place, wouldn’t have any of that juggling nonsense. So maybe the apples represent something else. The forbidden fruit?

guests enjoying themselves
These two are definitely rockers and very stylish
The Cashman Associates celebrate another successful year of putting smiles the faces of their clients, friends, and guests
The DJ was awesome and the Cashman girls approve
THANKS TO Cashman for the invite I had an awesome time, met a lot of nice people, caught up with others, gave out all my business cards and even met some fans of Philly Chit Chat, which is always a little embarrassing, but I am grateful that you like my photos and put up with my diatribe.
The layout of the resturaunt was smooth, plus the decor and the private booths along this hallway were an oasis, ok I think they did that on purpose and it works. I still have two more parties, that’s right two more parties until Sunday. So I will be posting those events, and do a real time sappy Christmas blog entry and then tie up loose ends for the year, tell you about the f**king awesome year I had, thank the people that made it happen, and what I hope to do next year.