Bob, Jeff, Mike and HughE made the trek to Broad Street about 3PM after partying the night before until a bit after 3AMI took a lot of photos of random people to really capture the essence of the Mummer fans I love the Mummer’s Parade; I love the tradition, the work the guys put into their costumes, the friendly nature of the people watching, and they are even friendlier when their sauced

One of the first things I do when I arrive on Broad Street is make my way down to the fire station on Broad that is a little past South Street. My Aunt Pat comes over from Jersey and hangs with the family there. I didn’t see her this year, but I had my traditional once a year hotdog, ok I lied I eat hotdogs more than once a year, but only once a year from this place.Friendly fans, not sure if they are sauced, but I think she likes hot dogs like methis is what her sign saysChick Filet was representedParis wannabe

Got Cents? Matrix anyone?ok he was probably in the comics division The Academy and the crowds during the day

Mummer at the Quik Mart

The City looks great
The Mummer’s got a late start at 12PM as it rained earlier in the morning and delayed the party

Jeff used to be a Mummer naysayer, but after today he experienced my Mummer’s Parade and we’ve already made plans for next year. If you ever need to get him clothes or something, these are his favorite colors

We stopped and ate dinner after this shot Ron Paul fans. Mike loves talking to politicians, religious wackos and protestors
Thanks Southwest Airlines for sponsoring the parade

The Academy of Music about 9PM, not many fans left at Broad & Locust, but the show must go on Die hard fans could be found closer to City Hallthere was a lot of downtime for the parade participants at which point they just laid down on Broad Street
because the late hour and lack of crowds at this time, I was able to snap some really great up close performances

Bob Shannon Jr., captain of Quaker City String Band, end his 37-year reign on New Year’s Day. I was really excited to see the winning string band – The Fralingers, perform. They were 2nd to the group Bob finally thinks he has the Mummer’s Strut down, but maybe next year he’ll get it, you need both hands in the air, and you need to arch your back and bend your knees Plus I was able to sneak into the bleachers at City Hall

What did Tony the Tiger have to do with the last string band which was about golfing? Still to come this week random shots of the mummer day, our New Year’s Eve Party and my New Year’s resolutions and goals for the New Year.