HughE & Mike’s 7th ANNUAL NEW YEARS EVE PARTY 2007

Mike and I sent out over 40 invitations, so if you are not in the following photos check your spam folder. These folks were there Steve, Ben and Matt. Steve and Matt never met each other before our party, but they have similar taste in style, don’t you think? Marty was nice enough to stop by on his way to a blow out at the St James; I hope to see him more often because he’s into photography and has the same camera as I do, plus he’s read his owners’ manual and knows how to use it. And he likes to shoot wildlife at Tinicum Park; I have always wanted to go there to shoot but can never convince anyone to go with me. Marty call me!!Matt, Mike, Vince and Jim (Yes its true we hang our bikes up like Seinfeld) Jeff and Mark, with Mike C in the background calling our friend Scott to bitch him out for not showing up
(Damn I should have closed my office door, it’s a mess in there)

Tim 1, Shoal and Tim 2 (I invited more women, but they stood me up – Terri, Frannie, Phyllis, Jill, Christina, Stacey do your phones work?) Shoal was a lot of fun, and I think we all have a new pal to hang around with, fellas I hear she’s single!
My oldest friend Deming, meaning I have known him for 20+ years, we went to nursery school together, really, ok maybe not. He and Norbert just celebrated 2 years together. Norbert is 6’6 to Deming’s 6’1
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,
4, 3, 2,


hmm someone over at City View is shooting fireworks from their window?
all done
The last photo of the night was taken about 3AM (Mike, Mark, Bob and Jeff)
12 hours later we would be hitting the Mummers Parade…and feeling groovy (Note to self: New Year’s Resolution #1 – Sign up for Google Ads or hey does anyone want to advertise here: Today I got 1020 hits with 427 regulars returning. Not too shabby and THANKS!!)