OK it’s Official Michael Klein’s INQlings is Read by More People Than Any Other News/Blog/Media Outlet than I have been in

In the last 7 days the NY Daily News did a story taken directly from my Confessions of a Paparazzi website, giving me credit and mentioning the site (see 2/4/08 entry), I have a Hillary Clinton photo published in Us Weekly and on Sunday, I was in the Inquirer. INQlings picked up the byline I wrote to explain my Katie Lee Joel shot, which I took in NYC last week. And I got lots of 15 minutes of fame… talk about getting a big head, if one more person recognizes me and my name from the Inky publishing and I am going to have to get an PR person. She’s got a whey
Philly paparazzo HughE Dillon, in New York for Fashion Week, caught up with Katie Lee Joel, wife of Billy Joel, who joined the piano man for his stay surrounding the recent Academy Ball. She enjoyed her visit, Dillon reports: “She said the people were very friendly, the streets were surprisingly cleaner than she imagined, the orchestra was lovely, and Geno’s cheesesteaks were their favorite. She said she had the ‘liquidy cheese sauce.’ I told her that’s Cheez Whiz.”