I was a bad, bad boy. A friend of mine that surfs philly flicker, sent me a link to the flicker account of those crazy folks over at Red Tettemer; I’m a little obsessed with them as they are in the same building I work in and some crazy shit (IE OBJECTS, BIG RED BALL) in all of their lobbies, but that will be a post on another day. I couldn’t download the photos as they were protected so I did the livewriter thing, yes I lifted them and if the Redtettemer folks want me to remove them I will. (ie email with redtettemer tail)imagebut it looks like they were attempting to do a Redtettemer’s Valentines Love letter on their website, I think. These are the outtakes, but I think they are hysterical and I thought you would want to see them.I can’t help but think of the show “Get Christy Love” from the 70s here while looking at these; if you are under 30 you should Google the show or check out the DVD. It’s all very mod Squad meets Johnny Holmes with that shirt and those pants.Or Maybeimage it’s the fabulous early 90s imageduring the Madonna Sex Book era; image The shot they decided to use on the website really encapsulated the story, I really like it. It’s edgy, clever, hip and charming. I don’t completely get it as I am nearing OMG middle age – LOL, but I can tell it’s a young, fresh and hip take on the advertising scene. What do you think?HAPPY VALENTINES