Seriously, sometimes I can’t imagine how lucky I am that I get to follow my dreams and fulfill a passion I had put aside when I was in 8th grade because I was a shy and intimidated guy. I say that for a couple reasons, one, I am shooting the Phila Film Festival again (for the blog and news content) this year and have grown tremendously over last year (a lot has changed since last year and I am bursting to say that I got a note from my agency that a photo of mine is in last months Rolling Stone Mag, its not of a concert but it’s Rolling Stone!!) Ok, back to them documentary at hand: “Young at Heart” is a terrific film about courage, pursuing dreams, having a sense of humor and death is a part of life.

Although I was fortunate to see this showing last night, they did say that it would be released around April 18th in Philadelphia. It’s a beautiful story about a chorus of elderly folks singing socially conscious songs, featuring intricate background vocals of the R&B and rock genre. Many of the songs were originally geared towards youth, singing about making a difference in the world, rebelling and such, but the message is eternal and the irony is not lost on the seniors.
“I wanna be Sedated”
It was another sold out opening night

Thom Cardwell offers opening remarks for the 17th Annual Phila Film Festival (PFF)And if you are a long time reader of Philly Chit Chat, you know who this is. It’s my Sharon Pinkenson, who like Madonna, I am unable to say two words to because of some worship complex I haveTrudy Haines, I worship her too, but have been able to tell her how much I admire her almost every chance I have. Here’s she interviewing some of the cast. Joseph Mitchell, Helen Boston, Liria Petrides, and the choir director Bob Cilman; Liria tells me that one song they really wanted to do was “Satisfaction” by the Stones. But the boys refused to allow them to have the rights as their old choir was about to go on tour and sing it themselves. Maybe the Stones didn’t want any comparisons between them and the Young at Hearts.
Best line from a movie in awhile: Why Ed and Dorothy have been married for 54 years, “We stayed together for the kids, she didn’t want them, and neither did I.”

“Golden Years”

After the first screening it was over to the Brassiere Pierre for a VIP cocktail party

Congratulations to Claire Brown Kohler the new president of the Board at the Philadelphia Film Society, here with Dino Minelli the GM of Brasserie Perrier.Our hosts for the party Everyone is having a great time, I was sorely under dressed, but hey I’m the photographer. You should see the paps on the red carpets of the Oscar

Then it was over to XIX and the after party for “Young at Heart”
Let the games begin Gary, Laura and Ettore (I used to hang with these guys in the EIGHTIES!)
Candy Bar Mary, Scott and Mara (have I mentioned Mary’s film “Electile Dysfunction” opening on Wednesday 4/9 at 7PM)
unexpected entertainment – Breakdancing is back, and in a big way

“Staying Alive” and “I Will Survive”

Laura has all the luck

Marybeth and Joe (Have I mentioned Joe’s movie “Electile Dysfunction” premiering 4/9 at 7PM at the Prince)

Heather and Kelly (Good to see you both again this year)

Improv at XIX

Thanks Vitamin Water and 50 Cents, I enjoyed you all night long

Sorry if your photo isn’t up here, it was an oversight Tyra, or I ran out of room. I will be uploading the shots to my smugmug account sometime this weekend or check out for the photos that Gail Kamenish the Official Photographer for the Philadelphia Film Festival.

“Road to Nowhere”