Tigre Hill’s “The Barrel of A Gun” Wrap Party in Philadelphia, Pa

Ironically on the day that Director Tigre Hill held his wrap party of “The Barrel of A Gun”, a film about the murder of Officer Daniel Faulkner and Mumia Abu-Jamal, convicted of killing him in 1981, a ruling on the validity of the death penalty for Mumia was overturned. Here Tigre is with executive producer Kevin Kelly. Tigre says “This is a film with a lot of passion on both sides.”
Author of Black Brothers, Inc., Sean Patrick Griffin and Political Columnist Mary Patel at the wrap party of Tigre Hill’s “A Barrel of A Gun” held at Rae at the Cira Center. (Did I mention Mary’s film premiere at the Prince next Wednesday at 7PM “Electile Dysfunction”) – (Editors note: I think I have told you before, if I hear that a shot may be published, locally, I usually wait until after it appears in the paper before posting the shots on my blogs. On Tuesday a photo from this event did make the paper:
and then today in Mary Patel’s column, which I have to say has a great write up of the party and is somewhat revealing: )
I love this shot, I really like a good candid. Here’s Sean Patrick in deep conversation with KYW’s Kathy Orr as Tigre and Al Griffin look on. At first I was going to hold this shot back, as well as Larry Mendte because they’re news people and I wasn’t sure if their appearance at the party was an ethical issue, but after speaking with several people in the field, they said that wasn’t my decision to make, and I am there to report it, not tamper with it. Then when I saw Dan Gross’ column (he was at the party too) where he names them and the other folks in attendence, that it was ok, I am just reported that they were there, as well as many other Phila celebrities, officers and friends. Including former Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson, District Attorney Lynne Abraham, CN8’s Greg Coy, CBS 3’s Lesley Van Arsdall, Larry Mendte and Kathy Orr, NBC 10’s Mike Strug, attorney Jimmy Binns, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Bill Colarulo Tigre introduces former Eagle Gary Cobb to Director of Development at the Philadelphia Film Festival, Thom Cardwell.

Larry Mendte looks exactly like he does on TV, and he is tall as heck
Mara Toukatly and Scott P. Sigman of Bochetto & Lentz, P.C (you know the offices on Locust Street with the boxing gloves on the sign)
Friends producer Tara Nurin and Sgt/ Ray Evers
Cinematographer Chad Jenkins, producer Tara Nurin, Producer Ed Kenedy, director Tigre Hill, Executive Producer Kevin Kelly and Art Director Matt Chom
(BTW Chad Jenkins was also the cinematographer on Mary Patel’s documentary, “Electile Dysfunction” [ ]) Thank you Tigre for allowing me to come and cover this event. I am a huge fan of his from “Shame of the City” and I look forward to seeing “A Barrel of A Gun” when it’s released at the end of the year. Knowing Tigre and his last film. this documentary will be well developed, interesting and uncover the truth.