And I am so going to be covering it like no one’s business. I hope you will follow along as I capture everything possible. I am so excited that our little town has such a huge opportunity to present a lot of quirky fun films that you might never even have a chance to see if they didn’t come to Philly and the film festival. So a huge thanks to Ray Murray, Thom Cardwell and all the folks at PFF for bringing these nuggets to our City.
Let me just plug my friend Mary Patel’s documentary on the state of our election process called “Electile Dysfunction”; it’s showing next Wednesday 4/9/08 at 7PM. Both she and co-director/producer Joe Barber will be there for a Q&A after the showing. I can’t get into it, but this little girl is really going to make a splash in the film industry, as she already has a few big names lined up for her next big movie. (read it here now, because when she sees this posting she’s going to make me pull this scoop off, inks not dried yet; but I am so happy for her I can hardly stand it)