Oh I would love to go into a long story about who sat in these chairs Thursday night, but I have to go, it’s 4AM and I’m tired. Now just because I got in at 1AM doesnt mean the work stops when I step into my cab, as I have to process the 400 photos I took and narrow it down to a reasonable “best shot” of 35 – 50 to send to my agency and other media Can you see, ok it’s Carrie Ricky on the left and
on the right is – see picture below. Having been one of 2 photographers back stage, I did get some good shots. But it will all have to wait ’cause I gotta work my day job in 4.5 hrs. Its a good thing it’s TGIF today. Although I do have a movie at 9:30PM to cover, maybe you’ll come out to see it to “Placebo” at International House, then I will sleep in on Saturday. Next week lots and lots of photos, maybe Perri will finally see hers, because god knows its awkward running into her having not put it up yet. Thanks for visiting the blog, numbers are up, about 600 a day – Whoopi. Someone besides mom likes to read what I write and look at my pictures. Thanks HughE