JAY McCARROLL AFTER PARTY at the Planetarium – Martha Graham Cracker entertains

A week ago, yes I am running behind but what do you expect with over dozen movies a day and at least two events, and just so you know, as I have gotten emails for photos, I have a day job 9 – 5, so photos will be uploaded to smugmug Sunday when I am taking a day off from shooting. OK here goes. Opps gotta run, I don’t even have time to write this I am off to a private party with Shane West and gang. Then tonight he receives the ‘Rising Star Award” from the 17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival. Just look at the photos til I can write about them…

Jay McCarroll was his usual outrageous self, funny, entertaining and well Jay
Director Michael Selditch, very stylish

You think with a plus size designer we could get a few plus size models? Jay how about some representation gurl? Beeutiful!
This raincoat is going to do to Jay, like the Tutu did for Heatherette!No chocolate for himMartha Graham Cracker blew us awayI just saw her a few weeks back, and this set was completely different. Mike wants to follow her around the country now
When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with mars. I wish you could see the ceiling of the planetarium. Ettore, Jay and Gary; Can you tell them apart? Have I bragged that I met these two a decade or two back, when we were kids.

I don’t think Jay could pull off that stylish hat Matt is styling. He couldn’t feature his trademark spike. I suck, I have never seen Project Runway ever, none of the seasons.