Last Thursday, Mid-Town Village was hopping. The weather was fantastic, the restaurants were full and Absolute Abstract & Absolute POP! were throwing a red carpet party for GPPN ( and
there was a LIVE painting demonstration by Local Pop Artist John Stango.
Here are a few tireless volunteers that work the door each month, to brighten your day with a smile, a kind word, to relieve you of your $5 and give you a name tag so you are properly identified all night long. (sometimes it startles me when someone says “hughe so and so, such and such” and I think, how did they know my name?
Then I remember Mike or Bill slapped a name tag on me.I love Absolute Art, they have a diverese collection of wall art for you to choose from. I have a cute Speed Racer tin sign that I picked up a few months back, in my bathroom. Go Speed Racer, did I mention I am going to the Tribeca Film Festival today. The closing night movie is whalah! Speed Racer. I’m so excited. GPPN is the Gay Philadelphia Professional Network. Every month you meet with your peers and you can put your business info here to promote it. I am just about to put my photo business cards on this table in a couple months, as I am planning to step up to the plate and really go into the “event photography” business, but don’t fret I will still be doing Philly Chit Chat, blogs and celebrity stuff. Just thought I would do a little event photography too.
Here are a few peers too

I thought I would get artistic on ya
There was a nice turnout and our hosts James McManaman and David White did a great job at taking care of us. They seemed so calm and cool having so many folks inside their place with all the beautiful works about
Some folks hung outside and took advantage of the nice weather
Malcom Lazin was there. His big event is coming up in OMG next week, wow how time flies. Did I mention I will probably miss a lot of it as I am in NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival

Thanks to the sponsors for supporting our efforts.

I love, love, love these new photo prints. At one point James had asked to see my porfolio, but I dropped the ball. It was during the NY Film Festival last Oct/Nov and I just didn’t have the time to compile it. (Before I got into celebrity shooting, I concentrated on Philadelphia City Landscapes, I still sell prints in some stores, and plan to actively return to that passion someday. Maybe I will get another chance to show them my portfolio), but in the meantime you have to see the wonderful collection they have, they are really beautiful and the artist captured the City’s spirit.
Don’t forget to stop by Absolute Pop! next door. (I wish I had more wall space!!)

Finally this beautiful masterpiece painted by artist John Stango, will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to “City of Hope”. Which by the way is honoring our own Thom Cardwell September 18 with a roast and a key to the City of Hope. Here is Thom, with the artist and the owners of Absolute Abstract and Pop!, James McManaman and David White

I did mention that I would be in NYC for the rest of the week covering the Vanity Fair Party, Tribeca and Madonna’s documentary premiere. I finally get to see that chick in person and not the teeny tiny person she appears to be on stage at her concerts where I pay entirely too much money every other year to see her. So that concludes are photo diary oh until Thursday, when I come home for a breather. Today I will vote for the candidate with 7 letters in their name, and then I am outta here, oh they both have 7 letters. If we were on Big Brother 8, Natalie would think the number 7 meant something and she would be obsessing about it until the house vote. Happy Earth Day.