As I walked away after giving hugs to Margarita, Vincent and Carmen, and saying I don’t think I am going to come back [to NYC] on Thursday to do the Madonna premire, I’m tired, I have a wedding to shoot on Friday, I know it’s Madonna and I never saw her before, in person, except at a concert, but I might have to pass it up. Lots of groans and disbelief, but Margarita understood as I had been out with her til 2AM shooting Mariah Carey.
Then as I walked away Carmen came up to me, gave me a big hug and kiss, and said “Hughie you kill me, it’s Madonna, you love Madonna, she’s your legend, she’s an ICON, you have to come back.” Well thats is all true, but Madonna’s only fifty, and I saw the only legend I need to see this week. Do you know who this legend is?
Maybe I will try and find Demi and be the first one in the City to get that shot? Maybe it will be the “Money Shot” this week, instead of the drunken Mariah Carey I shot in NYC Tuesday night at 2AM?