THE FIRST SHOT OF DEMI MOORE IN PHILADELPHIA and other shots around town on this warm Spring Day

It’s summer, schools out, kids want to save the world while earning $12 hr to take green from you. They’ll be everywhere, here are two on Walnut Street. You think they are looking at each other, but as you pass them the turn towards you with their puppy dog pleading eyes “Help Stop Global Warming” for only $100 a month.

It’s also time for Equality Forum , how much say did this poor pooch have before his “daddy” colored him pink?
and gave him a mohawk to boot
I stopped by the set of “Dream of the Romans” that wraps up today.
Lauren Graham was nowhere to be found. But Jeff Daniels was about.Then it was back to Walnut Street. I was carrying my camera and this girl said to me, “Why don’t you take my photo?” I started to, and then she said oh wait, I just got a massage and I have stretch marks on my head. This pose kinda reminds me of the time I shot Julie Andrews, and she said “Oh I am so sweaty, and I don’t like my hair, but take the dern photo anyway.”

The anti-Lyndon LaRouche guy is on the corner warning us that LaRouche is going to fry our brains. Isn’t that guy dead yet?
Then it was on to Demi Moore’s hotel. Now that all the gossip columnists seem to have put a price on her head, I was inspired to stay a few hours to get a shot, and it was a beautiful day too. People were really enjoying themselves in Rittenhouse Square, with their kids, friends
and cold refreshing drinks. It’s just a matter of weeks before the Skrim goes up on the PNB Building. So I wait, and wait, and wait, three hours and no celebrity sightings yet, oh wait

it’s Philly’s own Laura Burkhart, working tirelessly for Where Magazine and promoting Dining Out for Life, which is May 1. Dine out on May1st at a participating Dining out for Life restaurant and 1/3 of your food bill will benefit local services in the fight against AIDS. Go to or look in the April issue of Where Philadelphia for more information. Not Demi
Finally Demi Moore appears and I get the money shot
OK actually I took this last September in NYC, and it didn’t sell, but it wasn’t Philly and this was the last day of the fashion shows, and she had been shot up and down 5th Avenue all week. But I like these shot, and the legs that went on forever. It’s back to Tribeca for me for the next few days, so THE FIRST SHOT OF DEMI MOORE IN PHILADELPHIA is yours to get!!! (UPDATE: I did finally photograph her and post the photos 5/8/08)