The only thing Philly related is I’m from Philly, and my cousin-in-law Emy’s mom is from Philly too. But last Friday I took a few hundred photos at her wedding to the love of her life Jim outside of Washington DC. It was a beautiful sunny day with temps in the 80s, but unfortunately for me my temperture was about 100F. I muddled through and was glad I went. A wedding is always a special time to bring friends and family together. Especially the Nakamura’s as many of their family lives in San Francisco. This was especially a wonderful time as it was the first time the Nakamura and Goman clan ever all got together (Emy’s mom and dad’s sides.)

But first to Emy. When she and Jim first announced their engagement they said it was just going to be a little event. She wasn’t even going to have a photographer. You know how I feel about that, that’s just crazy. So Emy’s boss offered to take the photos, and Emy asked me to take a few too. That worked well for me, because I usually only do 2nd – 6th weddings, anniversary, birthday and all occassion parties because those first time weddings are important and should be handled by the professionals. After hounding Emy to look at me, she finally humored me and looked back. She had specifically wanted only candid shots, but guess what, candid is good for most of the shots, but eye contact is important too.
We’re on our way. Emy having already broke many traditions, decided not to have a Maid of Honor, as she had 4 best friends. Plus they could wear any style of brown dress they wanted. Which they did. This was very inovated, except there was no one person to take charge and direct the bridal party to the service. Thankfully me being the kinda photographer that wants exclusives, I went to the “bridal apt” to see if everyone was ready, leaving Amelia at the Alter, I got a few shots, and lead them to the marriage room.
Which included pacing them down the aisle and signalling the band to start playing a song that I didn’t recognize as the “Bridal March” I love these shots, and every bride makes this pensive face right before they walk the final walk. (Maybe I should become a wedding planner, that would be fun) Dad (Bob) hands Emy over to Jim as Mom (Bernie) and Jim’s dad and step-mother look on.
The minister lead a beautiful service. I wish I had thanked her.
You may kiss the bride.

You hoo, look over here, I am right in front of you, why these two are so shy I will never know
They thank their friends. Emy’s brother David is to her right. (See last July for the coverage of his & Kris’ wedding in Glacier National Park)Signing the guest index cards, again a new traditionHello I’m your Aunt AliceThe Bridal Party; sadly after this shot someone in this photo also had a 100F temp and just about passed out, so no more group photos occured with him in it. Emy, mom, dad and 90 year old Grandmom Nakamura visiting from San Francisco
Kris Schenck, David and Grandmom Nakamura After a bit of arm twisting, I got the happy couple to pose for the only photo that I think they will cherish for years to come (well I took a dozen or so of this shot, darn they left the Bridal Bouquet upstairs)
Dressed to party cousin Julie from West Chester NY with her mom and dad
Virginia Tech University Alumni and Emy’s good friends Her bridesmaids from college give a very heartfelt toast, after which the best man was clear and to the point when he said that “Emy and Jim met when their two dogs sniffed each others butt!” Nice with the cake. It was delicious.
The first dance (next up Dancing with the Stars)
Jim with his step-mother

Emy is a natural with kids
My Mike and his mom
The obligatory line dance
Maybe someday I will shoot weddings, it wasn’t so bad after all or maybe I’ll stick to celebrities, birthdays, events and anniversaries.