The Philadelphia City Hall Farmers’ Market Opening May 14

I ran into a former co-worker the other day on the street. Joanna had given up the steady paycheck, and the solid four walls of the law firm to fulfill her destiny out on the streets of our City. No it’s nothing like that, she is in the business of ensuring all of society has affordable, healthy food, grown locally. Eating locally, she tells me means eating food that is grown within a 100 mile radius of the City. I miss talking to her at work, I would tell her about my latest celebrity sighting and she would tell me the latest way to save the environment, I always felt very vapid after hearing her plans on how “she is going to save the world” (ok she never put it that way and she would always tell me how much she enjoyed my celebrity blog stories), but basically she is well on her way to fulfilling her destiny, one vegetable at a time. Now she is a program assistant in the “Farm to City” programs, an organization that is really concerned about our food source and ensuring sustainable resources now, and for future generations. Today she sent me this email…The City Hall farmers’ market is scheduled to open on May 14. The organization that is operating the market is Farm toCity; our website is at, where there is more information about all our markets around the city. I think the CityHall market, in particular, will be a showcase for urban youth and food — there will be two or three different stands where youth programs will be selling produce grown in the city.

City Hall Farmers’ Market – Opens May 14 Interior courtyard of Philadelphia City Hall. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, preserve, cut flowers, baked goods, and maybe seafood.

Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market – May 13 Walnut Street on south sidewalk west of 18th Street. Fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, and meat, eggs, and dairy products from pastured animals. Tuesdays, 10 am to 1 pm.