Philadelphia GAY RODEO Liberty Stampede 2008 Thoughts and Photos

I had never been to a rodeo of any kind, and now i know why. It was a two day gay rodeo put on by Liberty Gay Rodeo Association , and we didn’t make it until the 2nd day at the 11th hour. It was bring your kids, friends and fally day as it was Mother’s Day. We only caught two events. The barrel race. Where folks had to run their horses around these barrels and were timed

Nice turnout of cowboys fast

Matt spent a lot of time keeping everyone informed on Twitter – There was just so much to see and do at the Gay Rodeo in Devon. btw, Toby Keith apparently has his own clothing line. My response: It was great except for the pulling of the cows tail by that drag queen who must no be a member of PETA.
Did I mention drag queen races. Except the poor bulls had to be pulled from their pens so drag queens could ride them 5 feet over the finish line. Often the bulls didn’t want anyone riding them so it was a struggle to get them in place

and when they were watch out, the drag queen rode them fiercly
and the celebration after crossing the finish line, five feet sometimes 3 feet later was exhirlrating. I guess it’s like riding the mechnical bull. You neve know how far or how long you’re gonna be with it.
I guess you can tell that I won’t be going to Rodeo again.
Another satisfied winner. Good thing I missed the calf roping contest, I would have been crying my eyes out

I’m not a member of PETA, but this was just not my cup of teaBull riding can be fun, adventurous, exciting
but there’s a downside

a dark downside
I don’t think the bull likes it and if you fall he will stomp on you

I don’t think that drag queen will ever forget his first bull
she lived and the Malvern EMT made sure of it
more cowboys
Later in the evening there was a happpy hour and awards ceremony. This guy got started early. We decided that the rodeo wasn’t for us, and headed out for some grub at Hooters. You would not believe how many folks bring their Mothers and Grandmothers to Hooters on Mother’s Day. We were just crossing our fingers that it was someone’s birthday, because if you haven’t seen how Hooter treats a boy on his birthday, then you haven’t seen it all.