Marley & Me Filming in Philadelphia, Pa Owen Wilson and Eric Dane Photos (Plus a free chicken sandwich)

First of all, WOW Thursday already. Here at Philly Chit Chat, I like to do an entry a day, but I do take Saturday and Sunday off, I have to sleep at some point (right now its 2:30AM). I usually have about 300 – 500 visitors on any given day, but I guess I was discovered this week and have about 700 unique hits daily since Tuesday. I hope the momentum continues as there is a lot to cover in Philly for you, I have a few fun stories to write about in the next few weeks, if I could just stay in some evening, there are a couple great restaurants opening up that you will get to see and hear about next week, and hopefully I will have the first Jennifer Anniston photo, which I will share with you even if it’s picked up by a publication.

Now for the long time readers of Philadelphia Paparazzi, er I mean Philly Chit Chat, I couldn’t give you the best shots from yesterday, as there was a bidding war and a stipulation is the photos can’t be seen before they are printed. On to today’s entry: I love a parade, but when all the action and people are at Broad and Locust, where they’re filming Marley and Me well then McDonald’s brings the parade to the people* OK check the next entry, the photos have been published.
Chicken looks for and gets photo op (Press release states: McDonald’s Offers Chicken Options from Morning to Night with Launch of Southern Style Chicken Biscuit and Sandwich)Decides to see how to get attention to their new chicken sandwich and decides the best place is across from the $10 million budget movie production, probably a good move for them, not so good for Owen Wilson or the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. Good thing Sharon Pinkenson is in Cannes.kinda funny seeing the string band play the Chicken Song and parade participants doing the chicken dance* (remember the FREE CHICKEN SANDWICH PART) * May 15 – On the House: McDonald’s Invites Customers to Try New Chicken Offerings – McDonald’s is giving its customers a chance to try the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit from 7:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., or the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. on May 15, with the purchase of any medium or large beverage at participating restaurants while supplies last. McDonald’s expects to give away more than one million Southern Style Chicken Biscuits and five million Southern Style Chicken Sandwiches during the national sampling event.*
but draws little attention away from the “Movie Stars” that have invaded our city. (Let’s see thats McDreamy, Owen Wilson, Ellen Barkin, Demi, Ashton, Parker Posey, and soon Jennifer Anniston. This City is crawling with celebs and I am going to get very little sleep in the coming weeks.) Fans on the island watching the filming outside the Bellevue. They had nice little cameras and cell phone cameras.
Theres dreamy. Now when I pull out my big gun, it draws all sorts of attention fromPR, Production folks, Owen’s bodyguard, who thought it would be a good time to block my shots.

but I have seen a few fan photos, and they are just as good as mine. hmm theres that big head again. (I really can’t show you all my good photos as they have gone out to papers and People etc…after they are published I will show you them. I don’t like to undercut my market.
more fans. And who was it recently that said Philadelphians are cool and don’t care about celebrities. That stuff has gone hand and hand with celebrities since the days of the Studio Industry shopped out their stars for PR, oh wait, they do that now. Last night Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer went to the paparazzi hangout, THE WAVERLY INN, now don’t think that doesn’t give me permission to shoot her when I get my chance. Don’t manipulate the media in celebrating your new relationship, but prevent me from getting a shot of you when you come to town. I will ask first of course, if she says no, well you know I probably won’t take it. But if she says nothing, well that sounds like a yes to me.
Shooting went on for hours, but I had to return to my day job

Where I could oversee all the action. Owen is near the red fire hydrant

these girls are pointing to him
Contrary to what Philebrity stated last week about Philadelphian’s being too cool to care about celebrities and there was no need for paparazzi in Philly, check out all these Philly Paparazzi:

My photos are on the Inquirer now: