Jennifer Aniston Marley & Me Philadelphia Inquirer 5/17/2008

I just ate at El Vez last week. Jennifer Aniston has good taste. When I walked by around 3PM, I ran into some friends eating at one of the sidewalk tables. The place was a buzz, Jen was inside. I spoke with one guy who told me “She’s more sexy in person. If I wasn’t gay, I would have trouble controlling myself”. He said that she was sitting in a back booth, but everyone knew she was there. He had to restrain his friends from photographing her, but they agreed, partly because it was rude, and secondly because the lighting was bad. But when it came to exiting the restaurant all bets were off, as a few people were on the sidewalk with their cell phones taking a shot. As for me, a good shot was not to be had, unlike Demi Moore who walks around freely and is reasonable when photographing, Jen not so much. I guess I should have been in NYC last week when she and John Mayer made a very public statement by stopping in the paparazzi hangout “The Waverly Inn”,,20200309,00.html
Or I’d better get out to her movie shoot where she seemed to smile for this guy.

UPDATE: PEOPLE ONLINE TODAY: the actress was “incredibly nice to the staff” and kept calling her waitress “sweetheart,” an onlooker tells us….And from today’s Philly Daily News, Dan Gross’ column Jennifer Aniston was too focused on escaping lunch at El Vez (13th & Sansom) without being photographed Saturday afternoon to notice her meathead bodyguards spitting on and pushing photographer HughE Dillon as he tried to take her picture.,,20201183,00.html?xid=rss-caughtintheact