PHILADELPHIA GAY PRIDE PARADE PHOTOS re: how I got heat stroke on Sunday

I wonder if the judges of the Philly Gay Pride Parade felt as ill as I did when I got home Sunday night after experiencing 97F all day, and those poor chaps had to sit in the sun for about 4 hrs, at least I found shade once in awhile. NBC10’s John Ogden is doing the MC honors again this year.

Surprisingly the crowds were strong (unlike the Bike Race where I had just come from). The girls were here in full force with their beads and smiles The boys were on the floats showing some skin
walking along Market Street in front of Independence Hall sans shirtsand the tourist were in shock wondering what the hell was going on?
The bible thumpers were there to tell us that their god says we are going to hell. Mike always likes to get his photo with these folks and then debate with them for a couple hours, usually until the Ralph Nader or Ron Paul folks come along…These guys represent Mexico, but I bet they wanted a siesta after this walk in the sun The MCC Church’s message: STOP the VIOLENCE against gays in Jamaica. It was an amazing performance and I loved the backdrop.The Philadelphia Fins Swimclub keeping the crowd coolEven the Woodbury NJ fire dept came out to support the community (I thought it was strange too. Must look into that)
various groups marched along
even a few young, gay Christians
Bruce Yelk was promoting yet another “Bruce Yelk Production” (How does that guy have then energy to produce party after party [Remember the MurMur on friday 6/13/08]. Sorry couldn’t make it to Cebu today, see above) it was onto the Festival at Penn’s Landing. We enjoyed another greeting by the bible thumpers, who had very nice police protection from the very violent gay crowd, I guess. The crowd was enormous and colorful here watching the entertainment on the Festival Stage.

people watching, while people watching
did I mention how crowded it was Salotta Tea, Alexis and Feresa were there, but not for too long I observed

The Steves and Marty
Dunk a Dyke and support Breast Cancer Research (see her feet underwater, she’d been dunked)
the obvious choice of clothing was as little as possible
there were lots of friendly people on had
If only this was Britney Spears I could quit my day job
a few girls and boys cooling off

Hot Lunch
FAME – HOT LUNCH start (start at 1.15 Mins)