Commerce Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship Photos 2008 : a scorcher for the books

(I am getting behind so about mid-day I will be posting another & Tidbit selection) There are many great reasons why I love living along the Parkway, the bike race is right up there in the top 5. Every year they have this little bike village with vendors and food right outside my door.

This year the Ralph Nader folks were there too, trying to get poor Ralph on the ticket again this year. Guess Ralph would like to see McCain have a fair shot at winning. These boys were saying that Barrack will be getting us in a war with Iran if he wins; hmm Thankfully I was able to pull Mike away from the debate to grab a bagel bite and then we were ready to concentrate on the race
like this lone spectator who had the stands all to himselfI guess its to muggy to get that updated skyline picture for my website, er I mean Social Diary Who knew the Parkway was a slight hill
Here the leaders of the women’s race battle for the win
this fella likes how the new Franklin Park lookschase car paparazzo

I didn’t quite get my stop action down yesterday. Must have been the heat.

things were going slow enough for this guy he was able to take a call
The pack. It was one of these guys, from Team CSC Matti Breschel, who eventually won the race, two hours later