PHILADELPHIA TLA CLOSING re: only the Museum Tower Location, but still

That’s my movie location. I hear that Forrest Properties have doubled their rent, but others say it’s because it was the end of their lease that did them in. TLA is closing this location only on 8/15/08; we are not relocating, our last rental day i s 7/1/08. Then we are selling off our inventory. Prepaid rental cards can be transferred to our other store locations, the internet is taking over, soon you will all be out of work ’cause when those leases are up they’re closing too. Ok it doesn’t really say those last two lines but it’s probably true.

not here

No more running to TLA for that quick foreign title, GLBT selection or cult following favorite
or XXXand no more reading this fun 1970s style newspaper as I wait for the clerk to ring me upand worse yet, no more Petrucci’s ice cream as I heard they lost their lease too!!