Calderwood 2 Design 1960 – 1980 Mod Pop Op Fab and Glam or everything old is new again

It was a stormy rainy night similar to last nights craziness, but I was invited to a Calderwood Party and well nothing was going to stop me from an exclusive look at the new exhibit featuring avant garde furniture of the 60s & 70s. The only thing missing from this Day-Glo party was FOXY BROWN, but there was plenty of Tang, Pringles, Perrier and Pop Tarts to be had
It’s always great to see my friends Phyllis Halpern, Thom Cardwell and wine guru Brian Freedman Downstairs Madam Calderwood greets the guests and guards the French Art Deco, Modernist and 40s furniture that Calderwood is normally known to carry
As I reached the top of the stairs I was estatic to run into my friend City Hall Tour Director, Greta Greenberger (R -L) and her friends Diane and Marilyn

Janet and Gary Calderwood. Gary tells me he found this vintage ’70s suit at the Salvation Army. It was only $15 bucks and fit like a charm. Gary is also an accomplished photographer and shared his private gallery with me.
Joan Shepp was also checking out the new exhibit, which the Calderwoods tell me was inspired when they renovated an apartment of theirs and furnised it with pieces from the 60s & 70s. “Why not share these treasures with others?” guests enjoy the evening
cool belt
I believe this vintage desk decked out in the popular lime green color of the era, will cost you about $8,000; the pretty girl is taken.

Formidable Diana Cammarota of Rittenhouse Sq. Revue, her friend Patrick and Developmental Director of the PFF, Thom Cardwell. Diana and I had a colorful conversation regarding the Review and the magazine that I contribute to, Rittenhouse Magazine. A little competition is always good to keep one on their toes, but in actuality the two tomes are totally different. The Revue is a serious listing of happenings geared to the higher end folks and Rittenhouse Magazine for ever spectrum of the neighborhood, eye candy, an easy read with some fantastic photos and stories of the people & history of Rittenhouse Square. But you can see for yourselves: or the Revue (since 2006 the tagline states) not to be confused of course with The Rittenhouse Review blog (since 2002):
Stop by Calderwood Gallery at 1622 Spruce Street and see the exhibit until 8/31/2008

and bring your friends