Co-workers yelled for me to come to the window and check out the large French flag flying in City Hall’s Courtyard today. Why is it there they asked; I responded in an indignant manner “You must not read my blog, they are filming Transformers 2 in the Courtyard tomorrow!!” So I went over on my lunch hour to see if I could get a few shots and to visit the farmers market which I embarrassingly hadn’t seen yet, and to my surprise it had been moved to Dilworth Plaza for the day. Strawberries still $5 a quart. As much as I would love to support the market, we are in Strawberry season and Strawberries are about $3 a quart almost everywhere else. The gates to the pass through were closed, but I did shoot this with my long lens. Looks like an outdoor Parisian cafeAnother angle “Ecole Militaire” (Wikepedia states: École Militaire is a station of the Paris Métro. It is named after the École Militaire (Military Academy), which was founded in 1750 on the basis of a proposal of the financier Joseph Pâris (known as Duverney) with the support of Madame de Pompadour, with an aim of creating an academic college for cadet officers from poor families. It was designed by Angel-Jacques Gabriel and construction started in 1752 on the grounds of the farm of Grenelle, but the school did not open until 1760. ) The French flag in the courtyard. Did you know that Philadelphia’s City Hall is one of our countrys finest examples of French 2nd Empire designs. You need to take the tour of the building given every day at 12:30 leaving the tour office in Rm 121 (where I took these photos, today’s a good day to go ie Hint Hint) and you can also take the self tour to the observation deck and check out our fair City, again you must go to rm 121 to pick up timed tickets. Small fee charged.
And a sign that points to the Eiffel Tower?
I hear they are also filming at Rittenhouse Square today.