THE PHILADELPHIA ZOOBILEE PHOTOS or how if I wasn’t working for myself I would fire me!

Because the Zoobilee is Philly’s hippest summer outdoor party, was so much fun, and I took more photos of the Polar Bears than of people; The Zoobiolee is the Philadelphia Zoo’s biggest fundraiser of the year. One hundred percent of all proceeds from ZOOBILEE 2008 go to the care and feeding of the Philadelphia Zoo’s 1,300 animals from around the world as well as its conservation programs and efforts.
Not only do you get to sample delicious foods from area restaurants served by the likes of these sweet girls: -Emmy and Molly Jamisom and Suze Heilman, but

you can get your face painted as Janet Carey and Julia Purdy have
Pet a snake (I was to afraid to get close enough to ask them their names)
the best part of Zoobilee is the zoo is open and you have free reign to travel where ever you please to see the animals on a nice spring evening. OK Actually the best part is you get to support the Zoo’s conservation, education, science, and family programs.Susan and Avie Wheeler enjoyed the polar bear exhibit too

Mainline Realtor Michelle Leonard and Society Columnist Rose Marie Riley. I really enjoyed chatting with these two storied women of the Main Line, who were very helpful giving me tips on how to pursue the mission of Philly Chit Chat as a Social Diary. Thanks:)
Thanks to all the restaurants that helped make the Zoobilee a great success, especially the Squeeze Juice Bar, which will be opening a Center City location shortly. The eateries participating in the Zoobilee were challeged to participate in the “Culinary Conservation Challenge” which generates interest and demand for sustainable foods. The contest is also intended to raise awareness of the environmental, wildlife and human health benefits they offer. Locally-grown products reduce greenhouse. Kudos to the following restaurants. They are participating in this year’s Culinary Conservation Challenge! Cafe Apamate dining, Eliza’s Bakery, Daniel Stern’s Gayle & Rae and Starbucks

Upcoming Events dot Com , Gus Calabrese and lovely Ania Szymanskihad a roaring good time. (Sorry I just had to do it.) as did WOGL’s Jamyra Perry, WOGL Morning Vixon Valerie Knight husband, Frank Sestito. I had an interesting conversation with Frank or as some of you may know him as DJ Frankie who back in the Spun at the Library, Music Box, Loft (Philly), Her Place, Someplace Else, Flanigans, Popcorns, Scintillations, Ciao! and the one and only Second Story. In fact Frank tells me that the gang from Second Story is planning a reunion (hear that HA Winstons); Check out for information and keep on grooving. For me I never made it over to Second Story, but a lot of my friends went and I have heard the stories, so it should be a great time and I for one definitely want to bring it to you in photos.
Here’s Jamyra Perry with her friend Melony Roy EP from Hear Philly re: Hear Philly! is an online radio station that takes you on an audio odyssey of Philadelphia and The Countryside®. Hear Philly showcases the things that make Philly More Fun. It’s devoted to things to do, what to see and where to eat when you’re out and about in the Philadelphia area.!/2886.html Thanks sponsers
Thanks to the volunteers like Sharon, (my friend) Celeste Navon and Jackieto the guests
including Kim Jessum and Gail GriffinAnd as I strode out with a great big smile on my face, I saw these two couples and thought to myself they need to be on Philly Chit Chat – A Social Diary, and I was right as it was Robin and Glenn Pew and Jay and Jacquie Montfort. Mr. Pew said I would love a photo of me kissing my lovely wife and you know what it was a lovely way to end the evening, an evening of much generosity and support for our nations First Zoo. Thank you Philadelphia. Oh one more thing, did I mention the how cute the polar bears were. I am off to NYC for the rest of today and tomorrow. If time permits I will post a few photos from tonights premire with Julia Roberts and give you a little behind the scenes scoop. Look for a few updates over the weekend as I am trying to catch up on events. – HughE