THE 14TH ANNUAL Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2008 re: HAS IT BEEN A YEAR ALREADY?

To kick it off the PIGLFF (I always thought that acronym was funny) had a little shindig a Triump Brewery (a few weeks back, told you I am behind)I saw some of my new/old friends like Butch Cordova, who has something special to announce in the fall. I am definitely looking forward to that party, I already got my invite. That guy is too organized. And also Butch mentioned to me that he

has an upcoming radio show and as soon as I get the details, you will be getting the details. In the meantime he just wrapped his EIGHTH season of “In Bed With Butch”, although it’s the 00’s now and the bed is gone so it’s just metaphorically there. I mean can you see Dr. McSteamy doing an interview with Butch in bed? yea me too! why is that link there, because Meredith Lindemon from Daily Candy is right there in front of me on the right, next to the serious lady about town – Laura Burkhardt and please forgive me I so did not have my pad with me that night, but if you know who that is let me know so I can give her props. Oh I can’t bother LB again, she’s already too kind with the names
Here are your film screeners and the new Press Director and Philly Chit Chat’s new best friend because he gives us on the inside info and scoop on the VIP parties so you can be there too, Matthew Ray, and some of the hardest working fluffers in the business, er I mean screeners, Kelly Burkhardt (no relation to Laura), Scott and Lewis Tice.

Jackie & Catherine
Normally I would skip such childish photos, but since Steve McCann usually takes such a lousy picture I couldn’t pass this one up. (Ok the founder takes great pictures, he is the boy next door and the camera loves him). Thom Cardwell and Matthew Ray

I knew we would not be able to keep these two away from each other long, Matthew Ray and Matthew Vhlos have more in common than just their names; they are energetic, enthusiastic and are genuine nice guys with big ideas that will come true, just you watch and see. With them is Thom and James
Michael Thibodeau, Jared Miller, Matt Fleishman, and Megan Karpinski
there was a nice turn out. As usual when I got there all the sneak preview film festival guides were gone, but guess what Matt Ray had a great idea and put the whole thing on a CD just in case this happened.
Mary Patel and artist Jeff
Matt and his friend forever, Andrew

One of the nicest guys around Michael Braunstein and friends
Rittenhouse Magazine publisher, writer extraordinaire Clare Bramble
Perri, PR Diva Megan Smith and Managing Director of the PFS, Mark James

Your guide this year