HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM re: Party with the Siblings minus One sister, Crista

OK well if I didn’t do enough in the last 24hrs (make sure you go back to Friday to see all the activities I covered; your either at home in your PJs as you took Monday off, or you’re in the office where half your co-workers have taken off and its slow, so go do it), now it’s the Saturday after Mom’s birthday when we usually celebrate it with the family, and this year it’s one of the significant birthdays, but you’ll only know if you can read the cake. It’s easy to shop for mom, she loves yellow roses or sunflowers. I had Mike wear his yellow shirt for the occassion; here he is with my bro-in-law Frank, who is married to my sister Margaret. A few of my nieces, Nicole (Janine), Kelsey (Margaret) & Lauren (Judy). I am so blessed to have a close loving family, aren’t my girls cute? They really all look like their mothers too. Those poor dads:(
Mom is getting ready to blow out the candles. You can not appreciate how huge this cake is
until you see a side shot after it’s been cut
Here’s that trouble maker Ella, with her dad Joe looking on; He’s married to my sister Tracy. Mom, Uncle Charlie Libertella, Aunt Rosie Shannon and Aunt Angie Riccardi
My mom fought the homeowners group to keep this fence. If you want to keep the geese out of your yard, this little fence does it. The geese are too lazy and dumb to fly over it. My mom read about it, got her neighbors together and put up the little 8 inch fence. The association threatened to fine mom and she said if you can find a better solution than I will go for it, otherwise I am keeping this fence up. And they changed the rules.

Janine, Tommy, TJ and Nicole visting from NC
I was clever here. This is my brother Ray and his girlfriend Andrea, but since Crista couldn’t make the trip as she lives in NC, I had them sit in front of the portrait that Crista sat for when she was 5 years old. It was a Christmas Present for dad, who has since passed away (see May 2, 2008) Here’s a family shot of the girls with their kids

but I love this outtake, can you see what’s happening?
It was a beautiful day, made even more beautiful because Judy was able to spend a good part of the day with us. Please keep her in your prayers, the hard part is coming up as she begins chemo. Thank you. Happy One Year Anniversary to my blog today!!