OK to cap off the whirlwind 48hrs that began at the crack of dawn on July 4th (Please go back in time and read all the entries when you have say about 3hrs time free), Mike and I hold our 7th Annual July Fourth Gala not on July 4th, but whenever the Penns Landing fireworks are held. You got that? I have to admit I was photo fatigued by the time I got to Saturday night, so I barely have all 28 of my guests photographed, and I didn’t take a darn picture of my spread. I will say one of the most popular dishes was a banana bread cream loaf by John Soden, his girlfriend, PR Style Maven Sarah Doheny ; also in the picture is Andrew and Scott trying to figure out the light sabers I distributed to my guests.

On the balcony I found my friend Bob chatting up my friend Phyllis. I used to play softball with Ball when I first arrived in Philadelphia a few years back. Bob just competed in the Philadelphia Schuylkill Ironman Competition, have you ever heard of anything more vile than swimming in the Schuylkill River (I asked him if he kicked any dead bodies or cars, he didn’t). He’s a brave man. Chip is enjoying the festivities, but I really just wanted to show off my garden.
Everyone always congregates in the kitchen. At one point more than half the guys could be found here. I guess they want to be close to the booze and the ice cream sandwiches that I had in the freezer. L-R Jeremy, Mike, George and Henry. He and Chip just celebrated their 17th anniversary.
The Jeffs make another appearance, thanks for the wine, chips and oh boy cookies that I found Sunday morning as I prepared to fold the bag. I bet you were wondering why I didn’t put them out last night. What the Heck is bob looking at, is it fireworks time?

OK Mike breaks out his PS3 and everyone takes a turn on the track. Next to George is my fabulous friend and man about town Matthew Vlahos
Jeff makes a point, Bob and kiss killer smileTLA’s Rich Wolf with Susan Helfrich, PIGLFF’s Developmental Director Thom Cardwell with journalist Mary Patel stops by for a few. Mary is heading to Miami and is going to miss opening night of the film festival on Thursday.The two Tim’s make an appearance. We never see enough of them. They are always busy at home playing their WII
The 12th Street Gym Posse – Henry, David, Gary & Mark (These guys don’t play games)
My two M’s

Norbert and Deming. Deming and I have known each other since the beginning of time, growing up a few towns away from each other in N.J. and then moving to Philly within months of each other. Deming is 6’1 and Norbert is much taller much to Deming’s delight.
Earlier in the evening we gathered on the terrace to watch the fireworks. They
were a bit of a disappointment this year as the barge must have been moved a tad to the left. Usually the fireworks display is right between the two crosses, oh well. The party roared on until passed midnight, and no one seemed to mind, except me.
I did notice my tomato plant has ripened. That was exciting. Were there bees on my balcony?

The next day there was a double rainbowThis week begins the Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. It is going to be a blast and I will be covering every nook and cranny for you to see, but right now the best way to see all that is going to be shown and the parties that you can attend can be found on Philly Gay Calendar as Steve McCann one of the best sites with the 411: